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The Times - Every Window In The City (1966)

(Artie Resnick - Kenny Young )
Australia Australia
#46 Perth

B-side on His Masters Voice August 1966 by Perth band formed in 1964 by Terry Walker (vocals, guitar), Tony Tyler (guitar), and Jim Sheridan (drums). The Who’s Who of Australian Rock (2002) lists several other members.

Listen: Terry Walker, vocals, playlist at YouTube/YouTube Music (8 tracks, 5 bands).

Walker had played guitar in Ray Hoff & The Offbeats 1960-62. Tyler and Sheridan had been foundation members of The Hi-Five from 1957, with Walker joining in 1962.

Terry Walker returned tThe Hi-Five on guitar in 1966, sharing lead vocals with Glen Ingram (see Skye Boat Song). He later joined top Melbourne band The Strangers when they were at their late-60s peak (see Happy Without You, 1968). He is also the lead singer on Love Machine (1968), a hit by studio band Pastoral Symphony.

See also The Times’ Tender Feeling (1965, #10 Perth) and its B-side Just Another Guy. They also charted in Perth with Glad Not Sad (1965, #6, written by Terry Walker).

References, further reading/listening:
1. To hear about The Times’ adventure in South Africa, plus Terry Walker’s later career, see Ray Van Ross’s 2018 interview with all three band members at YouTube.
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Dave Walton - Every Window In The City (1966)

(Artie Resnick - Kenny Young )

Single on CBS July 1966.

Dave Walton had been vocalist with beat band First Gear, formerly The Zephyrs, from Barnsley in Yorkshire. They were managed by Shel Talmy who produced their two singles featuring Jimmy Page on guitar.

Sources, further reading: 1. Pete Smith at Lost Vinyl of the 60s makes a firm connection between Dave Walton and The First Gear and includes confirmation from Dave himself. 2. Vernon Joynson, The Tapestry of Delights (1996), p. 183 [digitised copy at Internet Archive]. 3. First Gear at Discogs.com.

Ritchie Adams - Every Window In The City (1965)

(Artie Resnick - Kenny Young )

Single on Congress August 1965 by New York singer-songwriter-guitarist (Richard Ziegler 1945-2017). He co-wrote Bobby Lewis’s Tossin’ And Turnin’ (1961, #1 USA) [Discogs.com].

Before going solo and building a successful songwriting career, Ritchie Adams was in New York group The Fireflies, singing lead on their single You Were Mine (1959, #21 USA). He was a prolific songwriter, often collaborating with Mark Barkan, notably on albums by The Archies and fictional film band Toomorrow. His compositions include Tossin’ And Turnin’ (Bobby Lewis, 1961, #1 USA, co-wr. Malou Rene) and After The Lovin’, (Engelbert Humperdinck, 1977, #8 USA, co-wr. Alan Bernstein).

Jerry Cole - Every Window In The City (1965)

(Artie Resnick - Kenny Young )
Original version

Single on Capitol April 1965 by frequently booked session guitarist Jerry Cole (Jerald Kolbrak, 1939-2008) who appeared on numerous records throughout the 60s and 70s, many of them by major artists including The Beach Boys and The Byrds. He was often uncredited, like many session musicians, or recorded under a pseudonym. Among his own recordings is a series of instrumental albums by Jerry Cole And His Spacemen.

Cole played in the loose collection of distinguished LA session musicians known as The Wrecking Crew. (The name was possibly applied retrospectively, as opinions differ about whether it was used back in the 1960s and 70s.)

This single was produced by Steve Douglas, arranged and conducted by Jack Nitzsche.

See also the B-side Come On Over To My Place, a Drifters original also covered in Australia by Bev Harrell.

Some notable compositions by the writers:

Artie Resnick & Kenny Young:
Under The Boardwalk by The Drifters (1964 #4 USA) and The Rolling Stones (1964, only an album track in most countries. A 1965 #1 Australian single was one exception.)
A Little Bit Of Heaven by Ronnie Dove (1965 #16 USA)
And The Trouble With Me Is You by Bernadette Peters (1965), Australian version by Judy Stone (1967)
My Aim Is To Please You by Kenny Young (1966), Australian version by The Executives (1967, #5 Sydney #33 Melbourne #3 Brisbane)

Kenny Young:
Just A Little Bit Better by Herman’s Hermits (1959 #7 USA #15 UK)
Arizona by Mark Lindsay (1969 #10 USA)
Don’t Go Out Into The Rain (You’re Going To Melt) by Herman’s Hermits (1967 #18 USA)
Captain Of Your Ship by Reparata And The Delrons (1968 #13 UK, co-wr. Ben Yardley [pseud. of Estelle Levitt],)

Artie Resnick:
Chip Chip by Gene McDaniels (1961 #1 USA, co-wr. Jeff Barry & Clifford Crawford)
Yummy Yummy Yummy by Ohio Express (1965 #4 USA #5 UK, co-wr. Joey Levine),
Good Lovin’ by The Young Rascals (1966 #1 USA, co-wr. Rudy Clark) and The Olympics (1965 #85 USA) among others

Further reading: To get an appreciation of Jerry Cole’s wide-ranging career, try the biographies at All MusicWikipedia and Rockabilly Hall of Fame.