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Look what they’ve done to my song

Melanie Safka

Obscure Originator Dept: The Roosters

The Roosters were formed in 1964 by high school friends in the Los Angeles suburb of Westchester. In December 1967 they released their their fourth single, Love Machine.

Their previous singles had been on minor labels with songs written by band members, but this one was on Philips, written and produced by regular collaborators Michael Gordon and Jimmy Griffin, and arranged by the notable producer-arranger-composer Al Capps.

The Roosters' single pops up on a scattering of US radio surveys in 1968 (#2 in Ogden, Utah, is pretty good), but it made only #106 on Billboard's national chart, and this was their most successful single.

Later in 1968, Love Machine charted at least Top 20 in all of Australia's state capitals when a one-off studio band called Pastoral Symphony released a version. It was rearranged by Johnny Hawker, whose band played on the record along with The Twilights. The lead singer was Terry Walker, who would be heard later in the year on The Strangers' classic Happy Without You.

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