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Mike Furber And The Bowery Boys - You Stole My Love (1966)

(Graham Gouldman)
Australia Australia
#8 Melbourne #21 Brisbane #12 Adelaide

Single released on both Sunshine and Kommotion labels.

The Bowery Boys were formed in Brisbane in 1965. Lead singer Mike Furber (1948-1973) was given top billing after they were signed to Ivan Dayman's Sunshine label and management. After the band broke up in 1966, Mike Furber pursued an under-appreciated solo career, but in the early 70s he appeared to good notices in the gospel rock musical Godspell.

This was The Bowery Boys' second single, a Graham Gouldman composition. Their first single was a band original, wrongly credited by some to Gouldman: see Just A Poor Boy

Listen to You Stole My Love and other Mike Furber tracks at MPH.

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The Mockingbirds - You Stole My Love (1965)

(Graham Gouldman)
Original version

Single on Immediate label, #IM-015

The Mockingbirds were songwriter Graham Gouldman's own band.

The charts of the late 60s are peppered with Graham Gouldman compositions. They include Heartful Of Soul and For Your Love (The Yardbirds), Bus Stop (The Hollies), No Milk Today (Herman's Hermits), and Going Home (Normie Rowe, recorded in London).

As a member of 10CC from 1970, Graham Gouldman wrote numerous songs, usually with Eric Stewart, including The Things We Do For Love and I'm Not In Love.

Reference: John Bruinsma's Graham Gouldman Things website.

The Yardbirds - You Stole My Love

(Graham Gouldman)

1966, released 1992

Track from the sessions for The Yardbirds' final album, Little Games.

The Yardbirds' late 1966 recording of You Stole My Love remained unreleased until 1992's Little Games Sessions And More. Dissatisfied producer Paul Samwell-Smith (also producer of the original Mockingbirds version) had abandoned the session before a guide vocal or a final lead vocal could be recorded.
(Liner notes, Cumular Limit, 2000. Thanks to Andrew Ainsworth)

Further reading: Bruce Eder's reviews at All Music Guide: Little Games, Little Games Sessions And More and Little Games (1996 CD).

Graham Gouldman - You Stole My Love (2000)

(Graham Gouldman)
Later version

On 2000 album And Another Thing by the composer. The title recalls his 1968 album The Graham Gouldman Thing.

Les Gaelic - C’est Pas Normal (You Stol[e] My Love) (1966)

(Graham Gouldman - Jacky Pezet)
France France

Version with French lyrics on 1966 EP Gardez les cheveux longs. The title is printed on the label and the sleeve with Stole spelt as Stol.

Les Gaëlic were a five-piece rhythm & blues band formed in Rennes, capital of the French region of Bretagne (Brittany). They recorded on Disques Festival: no connection with the Australian label Festival.

On the same Les Gaëlic EP was a French version of Bobby Hart’s Baby Let Your Hair Down, also recorded in Australia by Graham Chapman.

References, further reading: 1. Listing at encyclopedisque.fr; includes sleeve shots. 2. Disques Festival discography at RateYourMusic.com.

Version alert from Phil.

The Four Tops - You Stole My Love (1971)

(Clarke - Gurron)
Red herring

Same title but not the same song as "You Stole My Love" by Mike Furber & the Bowery Boys.

Co-writer credit for "Gurron" is a misspelling of Guirron, a pseudonym of Justin Hayward of The Moody Blues.

Red herring alert from Terry Stacey.
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