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The Gathering - Lovely Loretta (1969)

(Ray Randall - Paul Beuselinck)
Australia Australia
#22 Melbourne

Melbourne band The Gathering, formed in 1968, included members of Glenn & the Outlaws, joined by Hank Wallis from Ronnie Burns’s band The Flies. They had three singles on the Melbourne charts: Portobello Road (1968, #38), Lovely Loretta (1969, #22) and Rosetta (1972, #21).

The Gathering’s original line-up:
  Col Perkins (lead vocal/guitar)
  Cliff Newby (lead guitar/vocal)
  John “Hank” Wallis (drums/vocal)
  Barry Patterson (bass guitar)

Hank Wallis and Col Perkins were later in country band Wallis & Matilda, best known for Clancy Of The Overflow (1980, #16 Sydney, #32 Melbourne, #24 Brisbane), from Banjo Patterson’s classic bush ballad.

British-born Sydney singer Trevor Gordon, part of UK duo The Marbles, was not – as some have supposed – in The Gathering:
 I was never part of a Melbourne band, The Gathering (Trevor Gordon, email,  2011).

References: 1. Chris Spencer et al, Who’s Who of Australian Rock (2002 and earlier editions) 2. Interview with The Gathering’s personnel for Lovely Loretta, Hit Scene, ABC-TV, 31 May 1969, replayed on Rage, 7 January 2012.

Thanks to Col Perkins. Thanks also to Linda Raymond and Andrew for updates.

Further reading: Col Perkins’s website has a career biography that includes the Gathering years, as well as a current gig guide. See also Wallis And Matilda’s current website.

The Others - Lovely Loretta (1969)

(Ray Randall - Paul Beuselinck)
Ireland Ireland

Single by County Dublin band formed 1968, active on the Church of Ireland’s parish youth clubs circuit, broke up c.1977.

Not to be confused with mid-60s British beat band whose line-up included Brian May of Queen fame.
Further reading: The Others page at IrishShowBands.net includes band biography and commentary by band member Ken Tubbert.
Thanks to Karel for version alert.

The Buffoons - Lovely Loretta (1968)

(Ray Randall - Paul Beuselinck)
Netherlands Netherlands
#13 Netherlands

Harmony group who had a number of cover versions on the Dutch charts in the late 60s-early 70s.

Further reading: The Buffoons at Alex Gitlin’s Nederpop website.

The Merseys - Lovely Loretta (1968)

(Ray Randall - Paul Beuselinck)
Original version


Single on Fontana by band best known for their 1966 hit Sorrow (#4 UK), famously remade by David Bowie on Pin-ups (1973). The Merseys were a re-formation of Liverpool’s Merseybeats by Tony Crane and Billy Kinsley, foundation members of the earlier band.

The writers of Lovely Loretta, Ray Randall and Paul Beuselinck, had been together in Paul Dean & The Dreamers in the early 60s.

‘Paul Dean’ was Paul Beuselinck who is now better known as singer, actor and stage musical star Paul Nicholas. His varied career (including playing piano for Screaming Lord Sutch) is outlined in his All Music biography and IMDb filmography.

Bassist Ray Randall, who worked with Joe Meek backing the likes of Billy Fury and as a Tornado, is still an active musician. His website at RayRandall.co.uk has photo galleries of his days with Paul Dean & The Dreamers and The Tornadoes.

Ray Randall recalls (by email) that the backing track for Lovely Loretta was recorded in a demo studio in Dean Street, London with Ray on bass, Paul Nicholas/Beuselinck on piano, Robert Lemon on lead guitar and Dave Gibbons on drums, a group that called themselves The Funky Bottom Congregation. The Merseys added their voices to the track later.

Further reading: Listing at 45Cat, including label shot.

Thanks to Ray and Jenny. 

Gene Vincent And His Blue Caps - Lovely Loretta (1958)

(Grady Owens - Ed Watt)
Red herring

Same title but not the same song as ‘Lovely Loretta’ by The Gathering.

Performed by Gene Vincent ‘on the jukebox’ in the film Hot Rod Gang (1958), also on Capitol EP of the same name(1958).

Thanks to Mike Robbins for helping to isolate the Red Herring.