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The Groove - Simon Says (1967)

(Isley Bros)
Australia Australia
#6 Sydney #4 Melbourne #16 Brisbane

Soul-oriented band formed in Melbourne in 1967. The Groove was something of a supergroup, its members having worked with The Clefs (Tweed Harris), Max Merritt & the Meteors (Peter Williams), The Librettos and The Playboys (Rod Stone), Black Pearls and Running Jumping Standing Still (Jamie Byrne), and Steve & the Board (Geoff Bridgford).

See also Soothe Me, You Are The One I Love and What Is Soul.

Further reading: For a thorough account of The Groove, see Paul Culnane’s article at Milesago which draws on the recollections of Groove guitarist Rod Stone. See also the Wikipedia entry on The Groove.

The Isley Brothers - Simon Says (1965)

(Isley Bros)
Original version

Single on Atlantic label by influential and enduring family r&b/soul/funk group first formed as a gospel quartet in the early 50s.

Of The Isley Brothers’ diverse repertoire, other songs that spring to mind include Shout (1959), Twist And Shout (1962, not the original, but the hit version), This Old Heart Of Mine (1966) and That Lady Part 1 (1973), but for the full story – too long and complex to cover here – see the Isley Brothers biography by Jason Ankeny at All Music.

In Britain, it was the Isleys’ version of Seals & Crofts’ Summer Breeze that charted.

1910 Fruitgum Company - Simon Says (1968)

(Elliot Chiprut)
Red herring
#4 USA #2 UK #16 Sydney #3 Melbourne #2 Brisbane #1 Adelaide #1 Perth

Same title but not the same song as “Simon Says” by The Groove.