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The Executives - Sit Down I Think I Love You (1967)

(Stephen Stills)
Australia Australia
#4 Sydney #13 Brisbane

L→R Carole King, Rhys Clarke, Brian King (seated), Gary King, Ray Burton, Gino Cunico.

Single on Festival label by polished Sydney band with fine pop sensibility, formed by vocalist Carole King with her husband Brian in 1966.

The Executives went to the USA in 1968 and were signed to Buddah Records without success, and returned there in 1969 using the band name Inner Sense.

Ray Burton, who was later in Ayers Rock and Crossfire, went on to write I Am Woman with Helen Reddy and wrote scores for stage and screen in Australia and the US, among numerous other projects as composer and performer.

Further reading: Thorough band biography and discography at Milesago.

Image: Thanks to Ray Burton.

Thanks to Gillian for corrections.

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The Mojo Men - Sit Down I Think I Love You (1967)

(Stephen Stills)
#36 USA

Single on Reprise label, arranged by Van Dyke Parks. See his discography at Magic Town or visit the fine VanDykeParks.com.

San Francisco band.

Buffalo Springfield - Sit Down I Think I Love You (1967)

(Stephen Stills)
Original version

On their debut album, Buffalo Springfield.

Critically admired and influential Los Angeles folk/country/rock band, named after a steamroller. Their hit single was the topical For What It's Worth (Stop, Hey What's That Sound) (#7 USA, 1967).

Stephen Stills went on to Crosby, Stills & Nash, joined later by Neil Young, also from Buffalo Springfield.