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Marty Kristian - It Comes And Goes (1967)

(Neil Diamond)
Australia Australia
#37 Melbourne #25 Perth

Single on CBS, one of three 1966-1967 by Melbourne singer Marty Kristian (b. Martin Vanags in Germany, 1947).

In 1969 Kristian joined the British pop group The New Seekers after working his passage to the UK as a shipboard entertainer. He sang (sometimes on lead), played guitar, wrote, and produced with The New Seekers from their formation in 1969 until 2002 (with a break-up and re-formation 1974-76). The New Seekers were connected with the original 60s Seekers through Keith Potger, an original Seeker who was the brains behind the younger, poppier group. They were popular in the UK (14 Top 40 entries 1970-77 including two #1s and two #2s), and they had three hits in the USA including I'd Like to Teach The World To Sing (1971, #1 UK, #7 USA).

See also We Didn't Ask To Be Brought Here (1966) and I'll Give You Love (1966).

References, further reading: 1. Marty Kristian official website. 2. The New Seekers website tells the story of the group in photos and text (follow the arrows). 3. Wikipedia entries on Marty Kristian and The New Seekers.

Mike Berry - It Comes And Goes (1965)

(Neil Diamond)

Single on HMV, November 1965 (also on Coral, USA, 1966) by British actor and singer Mike Berry (b. Michael Bourne, 1942) who started out during the skiffle craze of the late 50s. He had three charting solo singles in the UK 1961-63 including Tribute To Buddy Holly (1961, #24 UK) and Don't You Think It's Time (1963, #6).

He later became known as an actor, notably as the children's father Mr Peters in Worzel Gummidge, and as Mr Spooner, the character who replaced Mr Lucas in later seasons of Are You Being Served?

Not to be confused with his contemporary Dave Berry (b. David Grundy, 1941), another British singer who had several hits in the UK in the 60s, including Memphis Tennessee, The Crying Game, Little Things and Mama.

Further reading: 1. Mike Berry's biography and other material at his website MikeBerry.net. 2. Mike Berry at Wikip[edia.

Sadina [Priscilla Mitchell] - It Comes And Goes (1965)

(Neil Diamond)
Original version

Single on Smash. Simultaneously released on Mercury under the artist's real name, Priscilla Mitchell (below).

As far as I can see this is a "song that Neil Diamond gave away", one that he wrote but didn't record himself. At this time (October 1965) Diamond was not yet well-known as a performer but was starting to gain recognition for his songwriting. His first Billboard Top 40 single in his own name came the following year with Cherry Cherry (charted September 1966, #6 USA). See "Songs Written but not Sung by Neil Diamond" a Youtube playlist by rslitman at YouTube.

Priscilla Mitchell [aka Sadina] - It Comes And Goes (1965)

(Neil Diamond)
Original version

Single on Mercury, October 1965. The same recording with the same B-side was released on Mercury's subsidiary Smash under the name Sadina.

Priscilla Mitchell (1941-2014) was a country – and occasionally pop – singer whose best-known release was a hit duet with Roy Drusky, Yes, Mr. Peters (1965, #1 Billboard Country Singles). She never had a hit but did well as a backup singer in Nashville.

She was also known as Priscilla Mitchell Hubbard through her marriage to country singer-songwriter and actor Jerry Reed Hubbard (1937-2008). As Jerry Reed, he had crossover hits with Amos Moses (1971, #8 USA) and When You're Hot, You're Hot (1971, #9). He also wrote – and played lead guitar on – Elvis Presley's late-60s tracks US Male and Guitar Man.

References, further reading: 1. Priscilla Mitchell obituary at MusicRow.com. 2. Priscilla Hubbard (Mitchell) biography at IMDb. 3. Priscilla Mitchell article at Wikipedia.

The Melodians - It Comes And Goes (1968)

(Neil Diamond)
Jamaica Jamaica
Later version

Single on Kingston label Links by important Jamaican band (formed 1965), influential in the late 60s shift in Jamaican musical style from ska to rocksteady. Their classic recording of Rivers Of Babylon was heard in the Jimmy Cliff film The Harder They Come (1972).

Listen: At YouTube, a 1968 issue on another label, Fab (with erroneous writer credit).

Further reading: Melodians bio and other content at Melodians.net.


Benny Gordon & The Soul Brothers - It Comes And Goes (1967)

(Bill Anderson)
Red herring


Single on RCA Victor.

Written by prolific country singer-songwriter Bill Anderson who had a hit of his own with his composition Still (1963, #8 USA). Get A Little Dirt On Your Hands, an Australian hit for The Delltones, is a Bill Anderson song.

This It Comes And Goes had also been recorded by Burl Ives (1963) and Big Pete Deuchar And His Country Blues (1963). It Comes and Goes (c.1972) by Indiana group The Gross Brothers on Nashville label NRS could also be the Bill Anderson song.