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Liv Maessen - Snowbird (1970)

(Gene MacLellan)
Australia Australia
#25 Sydney #7 Melbourne #3 Brisbane #11 Adelaide #45 Perth

Deep-voiced Melbourne-based singer who won 1970 Logie Award (Australia's equivalent of the Emmys) for Best New Talent.

See also, at this site, the origins of Knock Knock Who's There and The Love Moth.

Anne Murray - Snowbird (1969)

(Gene MacLellan)
Canada Canada
Original version
#23 Canada #3 NZ

Canadian singer. From her 1969 album This Way Is My Way.

Gene Maclellan - Snowbird (1970)

(Gene MacLellan)

Version by the composer, Canadian singer-songwriter Gene MacLellan (1938-1995) on his album Street Corner Preacher, also released as a Capitol single.

Gene MacLellan also wrote Put Your Hand In The Hand for Anne Murray, covered in Australia by Allison Durbin.

Elvis Presley - Snowbird (1971)

(Gene MacLellan)
Later version

Track on Elvis Country (I'm 10,000 Years Old).