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Cheryl Gray - It’s Not Easy Lovin’ You (1967)

(Jackie Trent - Tony Hatch)
Australia Australia
#34 Adelaide #11 Perth

Single on HMV, August 1967, by artist later known as Samantha Sang. See her international hit Emotion (1977), a record with strong Bee Gees connections.

Cheryl Gray (b.1953) is the daughter of Melbourne singer and vocal teacher Reg Gray whose real surname was Sang. Both her father and her mother, Joan Clarke, sang on Melbourne radio and TV. She was in her early teens when Brand New Woman, her first charting single, was released.

See also Cheryl Gray's biggest chart hit You Made Me What I Am (also written by Jackie Trent and Tony Hatch) and another charting record, The Real Thing.

Further reading: 1. At the age of fifteen and a half, Cheryl Gray is well on her way to fulfilling her chosen ambition… Sydney Morning Herald, 5 August 1967 [Google News Archive]  2. The Samantha Sang biography at Super Seventies Rock Site also covers the Cheryl Gray years.

Jackie Trent - It’s Not Easy Loving You (1967)

(Jackie Trent - Tony Hatch)
Original version

Single on Pye, June 1967, B-side of Your Love Is Everywhere.

Jackie Trent was the regular collaborator of her husband, the composer, arranger, music director and producer Tony Hatch. He was the musical brains behind Petula Clark's mid-60s career revival and was responsible for her run of hit records from Downtown (1964). Hatch and Trent also wrote the theme to the TV series Neighbours.

Tony Hatch also had a hand in the original versions of One In A Million by Bev Harrell and Heart by Lynne Randell. He produced The Montanas' version of Ciao Baby, a song better known in Australia through Lynne Randell's version.

Further reading: The Tony Hatch song lists at Magic Town.

Normie Rowe - It’s Not Easy (1966)

(Barry Mann - Cynthia Weil)
Australia (recorded in UK)Australia (recorded in UK) Australia (recorded in UK)
Red herring
#5 Sydney #3 Melbourne #2 Brisbane #6 Adelaide #8 Perth #21 NZ


Single recorded in UK by Australian pop idol, the original version of a Barry Mann & Cynthia Weil composition later recorded by some other notable artists.

The Normie Rowe record even features the line
It's not easy, lovin' you baby

More details at Normie RoweIt's Not Easy.