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The New Dream - Candy Love (1971)

(Buzz Cason - Mac Gayden)
Australia Australia
#44 Melbourne #22 Adelaide #36 Perth

Melbourne pop band formed 1969 from The Dream, active till 1975.

Cason & Gayden also wrote Hayride (The Flying Circus, 1969) and La La (The Flying Circus, 1969), and Mac Gayden wrote Groupie (New Dream 1970), all charting singles by Australian bands. The much-recorded Everlasting Love is another Cason-Gayden composition.

Gary Lewis & The Playboys - Sugar Coated Candy Love (1969)

(Buzz Cason - Mac Gayden)
Original version

On Liberty album Rhythm Of The Rain which also included Hayride, another Cason-Gayden song known in Australia through the version by The Flying Circus (1969).

(Son of Jerry Lewis, in case you’d forgotten.)

Johnny Ferguson - Candy Love (1958)

(Johnny Ferguson)
Red herring

Same title but not the same song as ‘Candy Love’ by The New Dream.

Single on Decca.