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The Delltones - Sitting In The Moonlight (1963)

(John Rice - Christian Scott)
Australia Australia
#25 Sydney #10 Adelaide

Single on Leedon. Sydney vocal group The Delltones, featuring the bass of the ironically nicknamed 'Pee Wee' Wilson, were a fixture of the Australian rock'n'roll scene from their formation in 1959.

See also, for example, The Delltones' major hits Come A Little Bit Closer and Hangin' Five.

Further readingDelltones history at delltones.com.

Thanks to Terry Stacey for IDing the original.

The G-Clefs - Sitting In The Moonlight (1962)

(John Rice - Christian Scott)
Original version

Single on Jack Gold’s label Terrace, by Boston area vocal group from the Roxbury neighbourhood, formed in 1952 as The Bob-O-Links.

The G-Clefs’ were the Scott brothers – Teddy, Chris, Tim and (later) Arnold – with Joe Jordan or the Scotts’ neighbour Ray Gipson (some sources have ‘Gibson’).

Two of the G-Clef’s records charted nationally: Ka-Ding-Dong (1956, #24) and I Understand (Just How You Feel) (1961, #9).

The co-writer of Sitting In The Moonlight is Chris Scott of the G-Clefs. Produced by Jack Gold, arranged and conducted by Gary Sherman.

References: 1. G-Clefs page at Brian Lee’s ColorRadio (full chronology with label shots, including Sitting In The Moonlight: highly recommended). 2. Marv Goldberg’s G-Clefs history (based on an interview with Teddy Scott). 
Further reading: 1. Joe Viglione’s G-Clefs history at All Music Guide adds some neighbourhood anecdotes to the Scott brothers’ story. 2. More on the G-Clefs from Joe Viglione at the New England Rock blog. 3. Boston Globe obituary of the Scott brothers’ sister, Karen Mallory, October 2008,