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Rob E.G. - Jezebel (1963)

(Wayne Shanklin)
Australia Australia
#1 Sydney #8 Melbourne #3 Brisbane #3 Adelaide #9 Perth

Single on Festival label.

Double-sided hit in Sydney with Stage To Cimarron.

Instrumental version by Rob E.G., guitarist, songwriter and producer, born Robert George Porter, but better known internationally as Robie Porter.

See also From The Inside by Marcia Hines and 55 Days At Peking by Rob E.G.

The 1965 Australian recording of Jezebel by Bobby Charles & the Vibrants on Columbia seems to be a different song.

Further reading: Rob E.G. from Howlspace [archived page].

Marty Wilde - Jezebel (1962)

(Wayne Shanklin)
#19 UK

Marty Wilde, born 1939 as Reginald Smith, was an early British pop idol who in 1957 joined the management stable of Larry Parnes, whose clients included Tommy Steele, Billy Fury, Duffy Power, Vince Eager, Dickie Pride, Johnny Gentle… you get the picture. Popular in the UK, he didn’t have an Australian hit until Abergavenny in 1968.

Father of 80s pop star Kim Wilde.

Further reading: Official site at MartyWilde.com.

Frankie Laine - Jezebel (1951)

(Wayne Shanklin)
Original vocal version

Wayne Shanklin (1916-1970) wrote many familiar songs and was also an innovative and influential arranger and producer. His compositions include Chanson d'Amour (Art & Dottie Todd 1957; Manhatten Transfer, 1976), The Big Hurt (Miss Toni Fisher, married to Shanklin at this time, 1962; Del Shannon 1966), West Of The Wall (Miss Toni Fisher 1960), and Primrose Lane (Jerry Wallace, 1959, co-wr. with George Callender).

Further reading: So far I have not found any in-depth account of Wayne Shanklin online. Try: 1. Brief, unsourced (2011) Wayne Shanklin entry at Wikipedia. 2. Wayne Shanklin listings at discogs.com.

Thanks to Vicki.