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Pat Carroll - All Kinds Of Everything (1970)

(Denny Lindsay - Jackie Smith)
Australia Australia
#20 Sydney #19 Melbourne #20 Brisbane #24 Adelaide

Single on Fable. Co-charted in Melbourne with the original version by Dana.

Although released in April 1970, this cover version of a British release did not chart until late May or June depending on the city. It probably benefited from the 1970 Radio Ban which began on 23 May. After that the competing original version by Dana would not have been played on Australian commercial radio. Fable’s records were not affected by the ban.
See under The Mixtures – In The Summertime for more background on the Radio Ban.

Pat Carroll was a popular Melbourne singer often seen on pop TV shows in the late 60s. For a while she performed with Olivia Newton-John as Pat & Olivia, and she married John Farrar, the ex-Strangers guitarist and vocalist who wrote and produced for Olivia.

Source: Ian McFarlane, Encyclopedia of Australian Rock & Pop.

Dana - All Kinds Of Everything (1970)

(Denny Lindsay - Jackie Smith)
Original version
#1 UK #19 Melbourne #8 NZ

Singer from Derry, Northern Ireland, real name Rosemary Brown.

Dana won the 1970 Eurovision Song Contest with this song (Knock Knock Who’s There came second that year).

Co-charted in Melbourne with the Australian cover version by Pat Carroll, and also given airplay in Sydney.

Single on Rex label.