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Billy Adams - Dancing In Your Eyes (1966)

(Graham Bradly - Barry Mason)
Australia Australia
#24 Brisbane #37 Perth

Single on Go!! October 1966 YouTube.

The fourth of five singles on the Go!! label 1965-66 by Billy Adams (William Tregonning), former lead singer of Melbourne band The Checkmates and a regular on The Go!! Show.

The B-side, Come Dance With Me, was one of two Eddie Quinteros songs recorded by Billy Adams. The other was Slow Down Sandy, Billy Adams's biggest hit (1965, #12 Melbourne).

Adams's version of Buddy Knox's I Think I'm Gonna Kill Myself was a minor hit in Melbourne (1965, #49).

Billy Adams Go! singles discography:
 Slow Down Sandy (Quinteros)/Alone (Brite) 1965
 I Think I'm Gonna Kill Myself (Knox)/Shirley Lee (Trammell) 1965
 Lookin' For Love (Orbison-Nelson)/All Time Loser (Sparks) 1966
 Dancing In Your Eyes (Bradley-Mason)/Come Dance With Me (Quinteros) 1966
 Change Your Mind/I Fall To You 1966

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Carol Deene - Dancing In Your Eyes (1965)

(Graham Bradly - Barry Mason)
Original version

Single on Columbia April 1966 YouTube.

Yorkshire-born pop singer Carole Deene (b. Carole Carver, 1944) appeared on Be My Guest in 1961 after auditioning with the BBC, and released 15 singles 1961-1969. Four of them charted in the UK, including songs first recorded by Sue Thompson (Sad Movies 1961 #44; Norman 1962 #24) and Joanie Sommers (Johnny Get Angry 1962 #25).

According to the detailed biography at Ready Steady Girls, she ended up managing a radio station in Spain with her husband.

Barry Mason was one of the most prolific and successful songwriters of the 60s. He is mainly (but not exclusively) a lyricist, usually working in collaboration.
With Les Reed:
 • The Fortunes' Here It Comes Again (1965, #4 UK, #27 USA)
 • Engelbert Humperdink's The Last Waltz (1967, #5 UK, #31 USA) and Les Bicyclettes De Belsize (1968, #1 UK, #25 USA)
 • Tom Jones's Delilah (1968, #2 UK, #15 USA)
With Tony Macaulay:
 • Edison Lighthouse's Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes) (1970, #1 UK, #5 USA).

Barry Mason songs recorded in Australia include Melanie Makes Me Smile by The Strangers and She Works In A Woman's Way by Dave Allenby With Autumn (both written with Tony Macaulay).

Co-writer of Dancing in Your Eyes Graham Bradly is better known as Graham Bonney, the name he adopted on his #19 hit in the UK with Supergirl (1966, another Bradly-Mason composition) and during a long and successful career in Germany.

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