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Dave Allenby With Autumn - She Works In A Woman’s Way (1970)

(Barry Mason - Tony Macaulay)
Australia Australia
#5 Sydney

Autumn: Sydney pop band often on ABC-TV pop program GTK, most popular in their home city where they had four charting singles, 1970-71.

"Collaboration with cabaret singer Dave Allenby" (Ian McFarlane's Encyclopedia of Australian Rock & Pop).

Further reading: Autumn and Dave Allenby at Milesago.

Edison Lighthouse - She Works In A Woman’s Way (1970)

(Barry Mason - Tony Macaulay)
Original version

Single on Bell, written by prolific British songwriters Barry Mason and Tony Macaulay. (They also wrote The Strangers’ Melanie Makes Me Smile.)

Edison Lighthouse was a studio outfit that had a big hit with another Mason-Macaulay song Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes) (1970, #1 UK). Tony Burrows, the extraordinarily prolific British session singer was the lead singer on the group’s early singles.

Further reading: 1. Voice of Tony Burrows at MusicPopHits.com. 2. Tony Burrows – Edison Liighthouse discography by Hiroshi Asada.  3. Tony Macaulay Songwriter File by Hiroshi Asada. 4. More on Macaulay, Mason and other British songwriters at my Knock Knock, Who’s There page.

Thanks to Terry Stacey