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Autumn - Yellow River (1970)

Australia Australia
#1 Sydney #1 Brisbane

Sydney pop band often on ABC-TV pop program GTK, most popular in their home city where they had four charting singles, 1970-71. See also Song To Raymondo.

Further reading: Milesago’s feature on Autumn.

Jigsaw - Yellow River (1970)

Australia Australia
#1 Sydney #2 Melbourne #1 Brisbane #1 Adelaide #4 Perth

From Melbourne: also worked with Johnny Chester.

Not the British band Jigsaw (Sky High, 1975) whose releases in Australia were issued under the name British Jigsaw to avoid confusion.

See also Shame And Scandal (In The Family) (1972: Johnny Chester & Jigsaw), How Do You Do (1972) and Mademoiselle Ninette (1972).

On CD: Bobby & Laurie With Other Fabulous Australian Performers of the Seventies, a Canetoad release.

Christie - Yellow River (1970)

Original version
#1 UK #23 USA #2 Melbourne #1 Adelaide #4 Perth #2 NZ

British band led by Jeff Christie. Song also known, for example, as L'Amerique.

!! 113 VERSIONS 113 !!
!!! 113 !!!
Unless I lost count, the Christie website lists 113 versions of Yellow River from all over the world, with several alternative titles in other languages. There are versions from USA, Yugoslavia, Finland, Argentina, Brazil, Thailand, Germany, Russia, Norway, Jamaica, Canada, Sweden, France, Poland, Czechoslovakia…
See for yourself: start at Christie cover artists Page 1.

Further reading: The Christie website.

Elton John* - Yellow River (1970)


*Not an official Elton John release, but an anonymous recording for a budget series of LPs featuring cover versions of current hits. See also In The Summertime.

This has been collected on Chartbusters Go Pop! 20 Legendary Covers from 1969/70 as Sung by Elton John.

The Compton Brothers - Yellow River (1972)


Single on Dot by country music trio from Missouri, Tom, Bill & Harry Compton. Also on their album Yellow River (1972).

Reference: Compton Bros discography at Discographies Rock ‘N’ Country.
Further reading: The Singing Compton Brothers Grow Up, from Lead Belt News, Flat River, Missouri, 1965, republished at St Francois County MoGoWeb Project [Home Page].
Thanks to Terry Stacey for version alert.