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Jigsaw - How Do You Do (1972)

(Hans van Hemert - Harry van Hoof)
Australia Australia
#3 Sydney #1 Melbourne #2 Brisbane #2 Adelaide

Co-charted in some cities with Mouth & MacNeal and/or Windows.

Melbourne country-pop band Jigsaw was formed in 1968 with foundation members who had been in The Tamlas, The Fabulous Blue Jays and The Phantoms.

Jigsaw also worked with Johnny Chester and were heard on many of his hits in the 1970s: see Shame And Scandal (In The Family) by Johnny Chester and Jigsaw.

See also Yellow River (1970) and Mademoiselle Ninette (1972)

Not to be confused with: British band Jigsaw (Sky High, 1975) whose releases in Australia were issued under the name British Jigsaw to avoid confusion.

Reference: Ian McFarlane, Encyclopedia of Australian Rock & Pop.

Mouth & Macneal - How Do You Do (1971)

(Hans van Hemert - Harry van Hoof)
Netherlands Netherlands
Original version
#8 USA #2 Brisbane #2 Adelaide #2 Perth #1 NZ

Single on Decca label by Dutch duo, real names Willem Duyn and Sjoukje van't Spijker.

Maggie MacNeal is also a well-known solo singer: see From The Inside. The name 'MacNeal' is a play on the word 'spijker', meaning 'nail'. Willem Duyn died in December 2004. More at Alex Gitlin's Nederpop site.

The writers of How Do You Do were frequent collaborators on pop records. On How Do You Do, Harry van Hoof was the arranger and conductor, and Hans van Hemert was the producer.

Co-charted in Australia with covers by by Jigsaw and/or Windows. Charted in the USA in June 1972.

Thanks to Kees van der Hoeven.

Wanna-Bees - How Do You Do (1994)

(Hans van Hemert - Harry van Hoof)
Later version

Finnish band on US label Pravda.

This was a track on the Pravda compilation Star Power, one of a series of K-Tel style albums of old pop hits recorded by contemporary indy bands.

Roxette - How Do You Do! (1992)

(Per Gessle)
Sweden Sweden
Red herring
#20 Sydney #11 #58 USA Melbourne #5 Brisbane #8 Adelaide #37 NZ

Same title but not the same song as ‘How Do You Do’ by Jigsaw.

Swedish duo with a flair for catchy pop hits: guitarist Per Gessle and vocalist Marie Fredriksson. See entry at All Music Guide.

Windows - How Do You Do (1972)

(Hans van Hemert - Harry van Hoof)
Germany Germany
#1 Germany #1 Melbourne #2 Brisbane #2 Perth

Single on Warner Brothers, co-charted in Melbourne with Jigsaw, in Brisbane with Mouth & MacNeal.

One member of this German-based female duo was Scottish-born Shirley McKinley of British duo The McKinleys: see Sweet And Tender Romance.

Oldiehitparade.de has this at #1 in Germany in March 1972, and #16 for the year.

According to Ubopopland: German duo, heavy Wha-wha fuzz guitar working in funky way + female vocal in flower power. Pop psych with cool studio prod[uction].