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Vicki Forrest - Every One But The Right One (1963)

(Diana Cole - Charles K. Gambel )
Australia Australia

The label adds a writer credit to Sampson Horton who originally arranged the song.

B-side on His Master’s Voice by popular Sydney singer (born Agnes Erdos, Hungary, c.1948). This was the first of two HMV singles 1963-64.

The A-side Did You Get The Message is an original Australian composition by country singer and songwriter Lorna Barry of The Barry Sisters (also known as The Bar-B-Q Girls), real name Lorna Whiteside.

Although she never had a hit record, Vicki Forrest was a frequent presence in Australian media in the late 60s and early 70s.

For much more on the career of Vicki Forrest see her second single My Little Boy.

In 1963, Vicki Forrest told a reporter, “Helen Shapiro is my ideal”

Helen Shapiro - Every One But The Right One (1963)

(Diana Cole - Charles K. Gambel )
Influential version

Track on album Helen’s Sixteen (1963).

Listen at YouTube

For a while in the early 60s Helen Shapiro (b.1946) was the chart-topping British female singer.

Her first hit, Don’t Treat Me Like A Child (1961, #3 UK) was cut when she was still 14 years old, and she topped that with You Don’t Know (1961, #1), Walkin’ Back To Happiness (1961, #1), and Tell Me What He Said (1962, #2).

Her last Top 10 hit was Little Miss Lonely (1962, #8), in the same year she topped the bill in Richard Lester’s first film, It’s Trad Dad.

Recommended reading: Bruce Eder’s biography of Helen Shapiro at AllMusic.

Diana Cole - Every One But The Right One (1962)

(Diana Cole - Charles K. Gambel )
Original version

Catalog of Copyright Entries, Third Series (1962)

Single on Allison by the song’s composer and co-lyricist, with orchestra arranged and conducted by Sampson Horton. The original copyright registration includes Horton, and is styled Everyone But The Right One.

Diana Cole released four singles across three labels 1956-1962.