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Tony Barber - No No No (1966)

(Tony Barber)
Australia Australia
Original version
#15 Melbourne #14 Adelaide #35 Perth

Singer, songwriter and guitarist Tony Barber had been a pivotal member of Billy Thorpe’s Aztecs 1963-1965. He had a handful of charting solo singles around the country in the second half of the 60s. His biggest hit was another of his original compositions, Someday (1965-66, #12 Sydney, #3 Melbourne, #26 Brisbane, #2 Adelaide, #12 Perth).

Further reading: 1. Milesago’s Tony Barber and Billy Thorpe pages. 2. Long Way ‘Til You Drop (2003, AbeBooks link), Tony Barber’s humorous memoir of his reunion with Billy Thorpe for the Long Way To The Top tour, which includes the story of his days with The Aztecs.
Not to be confused with: This is not the quiz compere Tony Barber.

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