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The Kinetics - You’re So Good For Me (1967)

(Andrew Loog Oldham - Charles Bell - Dave Skinner - Andrew Rose)
Australia Australia
#29 Melbourne

Single on CBS by quartet of Melbourne teenagers.

Two of the Kinetics, Steve Groves and John Vallins, were later in Tin Tin with Steve Kipner, formerly of Steve & The Board (see their Rosalyn).

• Steve Groves wrote Tin Tin's Toast And Marmalade For Tea, produced in Britain by Maurice Gibb (1971, #20 USA, #10 Australia).

Another Steve Groves song, written with Bryan Dawe (later of Clarke & Dawe), is Marty Rhone's On The Loose Again (1976, #24 Sydney, #13 Brisbane, #12 Adelaide), also recorded by The Steve Groves Band as I'm On The Loose (Again) (1976).

• John Vallins, in collaboration with Steve Kipner's father Nat, wrote the 1978 hit Too Much Too Little Too Late by Johnny Mathis and Deniece Williams (#1 USA, #3 UK, #6 Australia).

Thanks to Terry Stacey for suggestion and version research.

Chris Farlowe - You’re So Good For Me (1967)

(Andrew Loog Oldham - Charles Bell - Dave Skinner - Andrew Rose)

Single on Immediate, B-side of My Way Of Giving, prod. Mick Jagger, arr. Art Greenslade.

Chris Farlowe (b. John Deighton, 1940): British singer in a blues and soul vein who benefited from the patronage of Mick and Keith of Rolling Stones fame. His first hits in the UK, in 1966, were the Jagger-Richards compositions Think and Out Of Time (both from the Stones' Aftermath) and Ride On Baby.

See also Handbags And Gladrags, originally recorded by Chris Farlowe, covered in Australia by Jon English (1973), and later rerecorded as the theme of The Office (UK).

Further reading: See, for example, the Chris Farlowe page at 45rpm.org.uk.

Twice As Much - You’re So Good For Me (1966)

(Andrew Loog Oldham - Charles Bell - Dave Skinner - Andrew Rose)
Original version

Single on Immediate, the label co-founded in 1965 by Rolling Stones manager and producer Andrew Loog Oldham. B-side of True Story, prod. Andrew Loog Oldham, arr. Art Greenslade.

Twice As Much were singing and songwriting duo Dave Skinner and Andrew Rose. Their only charting record was with the Mick Jagger and Keith Richards song Sittin' On A Fence (1966, #25 UK), later released by the Stones on the 1967 compilation Flowers.

Humble Pie - You’re So Good For Me (1972)

(Greg Ridley - Steve Marriott)
Red herring


Song released in some markets as You're So Good To Me (see here), B-side of Hot 'n' Nasty (#52 USA) by British supergroup formed by Steve Marriott from The Small Faces.