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The Escorts - The House On Soul Hill (1967)

(Scott Turner - Ray Eddlemon)
Australia Australia

Single on Sunshine by Brisbane band.

The Escorts were the house band on a Brisbane TV pop show called Countdown (1966-67) on TVQ0, a few years before the other, better known, Countdown on ABC-TV (1974-83).

References, further reading: 1. The Escorts on TVQ0's 'Countdown': YouTube video and notes by Brisbane Scene [embedded here]. 2. Escorts timeline from Andrew Ainsworth's Primitif Sounds [archived page].

Disambiguation: Not to be confused with the many other bands worldwide called The Escorts, including (coincidentally) Charlie McCoy & The Escorts (see Charlie McCoy below under Baby Ray).

The 'House on Soul Hill' page at Brisbane Music Graveyard has streaming & downloadable tracks and information on the band.

Baby Ray - The House On Soul Hill (1966)

(Scott Turner - Ray Eddlemon)
Original version

Single on Imperial recorded in Nashville by somewhat mysterious singer-songwriter-guitarist Ray Eddlemon (1938-2000). Also on Imperial album Where Soul Lives (1967)  

Produced by co-writer Scott Turner (Graham Turnbull, 1931-2009), who co-wrote Johnny O’Keefe’s Australian hit She’s My Baby (1959) and participated in O’Keefe’s recording sessions in Los Angeles. He co-wrote other songs recorded by JO’K, including Don’t You Know Pretty Baby (1960). 

Arranged by Turner with Charlie McCoy, Nashville session musician, arranger, composer and music director. McCoy is heard on the recordings of such major artists as Elvis PresleyBob Dylan and Paul Simon, and was a member of the Nashville supergroup Area Code 615.

Further reading: There are snippets of biographical details about “Baby Ray” Eddlemon online, typically at discussions along the lines of “Who was Baby Ray?”, and sometimes joined by members of his family. See here or here, for example.

The Gainsborough Gallery - The House On Soul Hill (1970)

(Scott Turner - Ray Eddlemon)
Canada Canada
Later version

Track on Life Is A Song, debut album on Reo by Canadian band named after an art gallery in their hometown of Calgary, Alberta. They recorded the album with Buddy Holly's original producer Norman Petty at his studios in Clovis, New Mexico.

Also released as a single on Reo (1970).

Further reading: The Gainsborough Gallery at Bad Cat Records.