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The Avengers - Listen, Listen (1969)

(Emitt Rhodes)
Australia Australia
#2 Brisbane

Single on Columbia January 1969 by Brisbane band formed 1964, originally called The Tropics. The single was recorded in Melbourne, produced by notable New Zealand expat producer and A&R man at HMV, Howard Gable.

The Avengers competed in the national final of the Hoadley's Battle of the Sounds in 1969.

They also charted with their second single Tweedle-e-Dee (1969, #13 Brisbane), an original song written by the single's producer, Terry Britten from The Twilights.

Not to be confused with British band The Mighty Avengers ('So Much In Love'), or with numerous other bands called The Avengers worldwide.

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The 'Listen Listen' page at Brisbane Music Graveyard has streaming & downloadable tracks and information on the band.

The Merry-Go-Round - Listen, Listen (1968)

(Emitt Rhodes)
Original version

Single on A&M by Los Angeles band of singer-songwriter Emitt Rhodes, formed 1966 after he left British Invasion-oriented band The Palace Guard.

The Merry-Go-Round released several singles 1967-68 and an album (1967) on A&M before disbanding in 1969.

After The Merry-Go-RoundRhodes went solo, playing all the instruments on a self-titled album that he recorded in a studio he built at his parents' house. Emitt Rhodes (1970), reminiscent of The Beatles (especially McCartney), was well received and is regarded as a major work of the 1970s. Other albums followed in the first half of the 70s before he went into producing and engineering, although he has released further material in recent decades. 

An iconic cult figure in American pop music Mark Denning, All Music

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Recommended reading: The excellent official Emitt Rhodes site at emittrhodesmusic.net.

The L.a. Freeway - Listen, Listen (1970)

(Emitt Rhodes)
Later version

B-side on Pittsburgh label Kyra by band from Youngstown, Ohio.

Reference: Notes at 45cat, linked above.