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Cheek - So Much In Love (1978)

(Mick Jagger - Keith Richard)
Australia Australia
#22 Melbourne #13 Brisbane #26 Adelaide #32 Perth

Single on Mushroom. The label credits Jagger alone as writer.

Three of Cheek's five members had been in Jasper from 1974 before forming Punkz and releasing two singles with the guidance of pop journalist and manager Glenn A. Baker. With a name change to Cheek, they released two further singles but broke up in 1978 before a planned album could be completed.

References: 1. Ian McFarlane, Encyclopedia of Australian Rock & Pop (1999), p. 114. 2. Release details, including label shots, at 45Cat.com.

I gleaned some of the versions on this page from Nico Zentgraf's list of over 4,000 Stones covers at his Complete Works Website: The Rolling Stones Database. That is just one section of an extraordinary site: home page.

The Mighty Avengers - So Much In Love (1964)

(Mick Jagger - Keith Richard)
Original version
#46 UK #50 Sydney #6 Melbourne #29 Brisbane

Single on Decca by band from the Coventry-Rugby area, signed to management in Manchester. Written by Mick Jagger & Keith Richard(s) of The Rolling Stones.

Two future members of Led Zeppelin augmented the band in the studio: John Paul Jones (also credited as music director) and Jimmy Page.

Following an unsuccessful debut Decca single, The Mighty Avengers were produced by Rolling Stones manager and producer Andrew Loog Oldham.

Three of the band's four singles were lesser-known Jagger-Richard compositions: So Much In Love (1964), Blue Turns To Grey (1965, later a minor hit by Cliff Richard in 1966), and (Walking Thru' The) Sleepy City (1965). 

Loog Oldham later produced another version of So Much In Love, by Charles Dickens (1966).

References, further reading: 1. The Mighty Avengers page at Manchester Beat which includes reminiscences by guitarist Pete Campbell. 2. Pop Into The Past: The Mighty Avengers by Pete Chambers at BBC Coventry & Warwickshire. 3. Decca (UK) discography at Sixties Beat. 4. Mighty Avengers release details and label shots at 45Cat.com.

The Tymes - So Much In Love (1963)

(William Jackson - Roy Straigis - George Williams)
Red herring
#1 USA #21 UK #44 Melbourne #16 Brisbane #56 Adelaide #15 Perth


Single on Parkway by enduring Philadelphia group formed in 1956 that had some further, minor hits throughout the 60s and reappeared on the charts in the mid-70s, notably with You Little Trustmaker (1974, #12 USA).

This So Much In Love also charted for All-4-One (1994) and Timothy B. Schmit (from Fast Times at Ridgemont High, 1982). See The Originals for a list of other versions, to which we could add (for example) The Five Sharks (1966), Wild Affair (1966) and The Munx (1968)…

Other red herrings: Last time I looked, US copyright organisation BMI was listing 43 examples of songs entitled So Much In Love (and 10 of So Much In Love With You). Most examples you'll come across are not the Jagger-Richard song, and are most likely the Tymes song.

Ian & The Zodiacs - So Much In Love With You (1965)

(Mick Jagger - Keith Richard)
Germany Germany

Single on Star Club label (through Fontana), also on Philips in the USA. Recorded in Germany, a Star Club Production. The Zodiacs were a Merseyside band popular in Germany. Their version of It Ain't Necessarily So was influential, if almost unknown, in Australia.

The small print: 1. The Star Club single has unknown (unbekannt) for the writer credit: see label shot at 45Cat. 2. Also at 45Cat: the USA Philips label wrongly credits Ian Roberts, Zodiacs leader, as writer.

Ian Crawford - So Much In Love With You (1965)

(Mick Jagger - Keith Richard)

Single on Interphon, a label "set up in late June, 1964, as a Vee-Jay subsidiary to release foreign masters domestically" (BSN) Also released on REO in Canada.

Australian artist? This track wasn't released in Australia, but there was an Australian recording artist called Ian Crawford in the 60s. "The Professor" covers the pros and cons in detail at his blog I Want, Need, Love You, along with a nice label shot. Highly recommended, and the rest of the blog is worth reading too.

Further reading: 1. Discussion of Ian Crawford's identity at I Want, Need, Love You 2. Release details at 45Cat.com. 3. Interphon discussion and album discography at BSN.

The Inmates - So Much In Love (1980)

(Mick Jagger - Keith Richard)
Later version

Single on Radar by late 70s-early 80s British rock band.

Also recorded in 1995 by Sweden's Lonely Boys, an incarnation of a fictional 60s band.

References, further reading: 1. Release details at 45Cat.com. 2. The Inmates article at Wikipedia.

The Herd - So Much In Love (1966)

(Mick Jagger - Keith Richard)

Single on Parlophone by London band that later signed with Fontana and had three charting records, all written by Ken Howard & Alan Blaikley: From The Underworld (1967, #6 UK), Paradise Lost (1967, #15) and I Don't Want Our Loving To Die (1968, #5). See also The Game (1969), covered by Larry Morris (#8 NZ).

Vocalist Peter Frampton went on to Humble Pie in the late 60s and solo stardom in the mid-70s.

Further reading: 1. The Wikipedia article on The Herd has full discography and personnel, and is well footnoted. 2. Record details and label shot at 45Cat.

Charles Dickens - So Much In Love (1966)

(Mick Jagger - Keith Richard)

Single on Immediate, produced by The Rolling Stones' manager-producer (and co-founder of ImmediateAndrew Loog Oldham. He had also produced The Mighty Avengers' original version of the song in 1964.

"Charles Dickens" was David Anthony, a fashion photographer who had already had one charting single on Pye, That's The Way Love Goes (1965, #37 UK).

The arrangement on this version of So Much In Love is something of a dip of the lid to The Beach Boys' California Girls (1965).

Further reading: There are snippets of information on Charles Dickens-David Anthony around the Web. See, for example, these pages at 45Cat, All Music, or Radio London. 45Cat has details and label shots of all three of his singles, two on Pye and one on Immediate.

The Hitmakers - So Much In Love (1966)

(Mick Jagger - Keith Richard)
Denmark Denmark

Single on Philips by popular Danish covers band active 1960-1968, recorded while on tour in England.

Further reading: 1. Unlike the English article, Wikipedia's Danish article mentions the song and the tour. 2. The official site at thehitmakers.dk is packed with memorabilia that conveys the popularity of the band but it's hard to get a handle on the band's history. 3. The Hitmakers page at Dansk Rock gives a more accessible biography and discography.

Ted Mulry - So Much In Love (1970)

(Ted Mulry)
Australia Australia
Red herring


B-side of Julia (#8 Sydney, #36 Brisbane), first single by singer-songwriter whose greatest fame came in the mid-70s with the Ted Mulry Gang. More at Jump In My Car. See also: label shot at 45Cat.com.

I’ve also seen this confused with So Much Love In My Heart, a 1972 album track by Ted Mulry, on Don’t Look Back YouTube.

Red herring alert from Terry Stacey.

Johnny Chester & His Chessmen - So Much In Love (1965)

(Mick Jagger - Keith Richard)
Australia Australia

On album Teen Scene on W&G, B-2395, by enduring Melbourne singer, guitarist and songwriter who started out in the late 50s, performing at dances he organised in the northern suburbs. He had a number of Top 10 hits in Melbourne from 1961, went into radio and country music, and wrote a stage musical. 

Teen Scene, the album title, was also the title of the TV show hosted by Johnny Chester 1964-65. Melbourne's Thunderbirds released a track called Teen Scene (1960).

More details under his early hit Shakin' All Over (1962, #4 Melbourne), and at his official website.