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Shane - Saint Paul (1969)

(Terry Knight)
New Zealand New Zealand
#1 New Zealand

Single on HMV (NZ), produced by Peter Dawkins, arranged by Don Richardson.

British-born NZ singer and songwriter Shane (b. Trevor Hales, known as Shane Hales) had been in bands including The Pleazers and Shane Group before going solo. He became better known when he took over as host of TV's C'mon after Mr Lee Grant left for England.

Saint Paul was followed by a cover of Elton John's Lady Samantha (1969, #3 NZ). Shane released a number of albums and singles through to the 80s, including a 1970 single with Zonk!, a studio band assembled for the purpose of recording one single, also released in the US: see Heya.

He had a stint in the UK in the 70s, including time with his heavy rock/punk bands Midnite Wolf and Killa-Hz. Back in NZ he played Jesus in Jesus Christ Superstar, and in the 90s he was a breakfast host at Auckland station Kool 93 (now The Sound).

See also The Town Of Tuxley Toymaker Part 1 (1968)

References, further reading: 1. Shane's own website had a chronology of his career [archived page]. 2. Bruce Sergent's page on Shane covers his career from the early days, along with several sleeve shots. See also Bruce's page on Pleazers. 4. Shane profile and gallery at Audioculture. 5. See also Audioculture's page on the Zonk! project.

Terry Knight - Saint Paul (1969)

(Terry Knight)
Original version

Single on Capitol.

Terry Knight (1943-2004, b. Richard Terrance Knapp) had been a disc jockey (WTAC Flint, WJBK Detroit, CKLW Windsor), and singer with Michigan band Terry Knight & The Pack (I [Who Have Nothing], 1966, #46 USA).

He moved to New York as a songwriter, producer and artist at Cameo-Parkway and later at Capitol Records where he recorded Saint Paul. Also at Capitol, he formed, managed and produced Grand Funk Railroad with two members of his old band The Pack.

Saint Paul, released in May 1969, seems to have been inspired by Terry Knight's frustrated attempts to collaborate with Paul McCartney, but it was taken to carry clues in the "Paul is dead" conspiracy theory that emerged a few months later.

Shane (NZ) on Terry Knight: I managed to meet him in London when he was the manager of Grand Funk Railroad. Lovely little guy with shades on. [source]

Further reading: 1. Terry Knight biography by Richie Unterberger at All Music. 2. Terry Knight obituary in The Independent. 3. Terry Knight at WJBK Detroit (audio requires paid sub).