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Sandy Edmonds - I Love Onions (1967)

(John Hill - Don Cochrane)
New Zealand New Zealand

Single on Zodiac January 1967 by Liverpool-born singer (Rosalie Edmondson 1948-2022). Her family migrated to Takapuna, Auckland when she was 15.

Sandy Edmonds was a pop star with a high media profile in late-60s New Zealand. She had a residency on TV pop show C’mon and toured with major overseas artists. All too soon for her fans, she left her music career and eventually moved to Australia. She went into the fashion industry, running her own businesses in Melbourne where she died in 2022.

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Sources, essential reading: 1. Sandy Edmonds biography by Bruce Sergeant. 2. Sandy Edmonds page at Audio Culture.

Suggestion from Terry Stacey.

Het Cocktail Trio - Kam En Vloetje (I Love Onions) (1967)

(John Hill - André Meurs)
Netherlands Netherlands

B-side on Imperial by long-lasting Dutch trio from 1951 till the mid-1980s. [het = the].

Kam en vloetje is the homemade musical instrument known in English as paper and comb or comb kazoo. The song specifies cigarette paper, vloetje or vloeitje.

Even if you don’t play an instrument,
Because you don’t know a musical note,
Then grab a comb and a rolling paper!

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The Dutch lyrics are by André Meurs who also wrote lyrics for Kangoeroe, the trio’s version of Rolf Harris’s Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport.

Susan Christie - I Love Onions (1966)

(John Hill - Don Cochrane)
Original version
#24 Melbourne

Single on Columbia by Philadelphian singer with a folk background, June 1966.

This was never a hit in the USA and not a big one in Australia, but it has achieved some longevity through compilations of novelty songs and (in the US) airings on children’s TV show Captain Kangaroo and on Dr Demento’s radio show.

When I first wrote about Susan Christie in 2007 there was almost no information about her to be found. but nowadays she even has a Wikipedia entry. Bruce Eder, who has now written an entry for her at All Music, notes that she has been something of a mystery, as to her fate and career.

Further reading: 1. Only in Melbourne: I Love Onions at my blog. 2. Susan Christie biography by Bruce Eder at All Music. 3. Susan Christie entry at Wikipedia.

Karin Kent - Uitjes (I Love Onions) (1968)

(John Hill - Don Cochrane - Wim De Reght)
Netherlands Netherlands
Later version

B-side on Decca by Dutch singer from Amsterdam b. 1943.

Dutch lyrics are by songwriter-arranger Wim De Reght [uitjes = onions].

Chicory Tip - I Love Onions (1971)

(John Hill - Don Cochrane)
Later version

Single on CBS by pop band from Maidstone in Kent.

Chicory Tip’s big hit was Son Of My Father (1972, #1 UK YouTube), originally by Michael Holm as Nachts scheint die Sonne (1972).

Listen to Chicory Tip’s I Love Onions at YouTube