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Richard Wright Group - No No No No (1966)

(Don Maughn [later known as Don Fardon] - Philip 'Pip' Whitcher)
Australia Australia
#28 Perth

Single on HMV, B-side of Miss Hargreaves.

Richard Wright had led Brisbane band Richie Wright & The Vikings before moving to Sydney and joining with ex-Missing Link John Jones and three members of Newcastle’s Fiesta Men in 1966 to form The Richard Wright Group. Richard Wright left the band in 1967 but the band continued as The Wright Group. (As Milesago points out, this is not Richard Wright of Melbourne band The Groop.)

See also Hey Baby by Richie Wright & The Vikings.

No No No No! Not to be confused with No No No No No (Marty Rhone), No No No (Tony Barber) or No No No (Crispian St Peters).

For more on those songs see: Marty RhoneNo No No No No.

Reference: The Wright Group at Milesago.

Thanks to Terry Stacey for these version alerts.

The Sorrows - No No No No (1965)

(Don Maughn [later known as Don Fardon] - Philip 'Pip' Whitcher)
Original version

Single on Piccadilly by R&B group from Coventry, B-side of You’ve Got What I Want. Written by lead singer Don Maughn and lead guitarist Philip ‘Pip’ Whitcher.As Don Fardon, Don Maughn went solo and had a hit with (The Lament Of The Cherokee) Indian Reservation (1968, #20 USA, reissued 1970 #3 UK), a John D. Loudermilk composition first recorded in 1959 as Pale Faced Indian by Marvin Rainwater.

Los Shain’s - No No No No (1967)

(Don Maughn [later known as Don Fardon] - Gerard Rojas)
Peru Peru
Later version

Single on Lider by popular 60s Peruvian band with a range of influences. The Spanish adaptation is by band member Gerardo Manuel (as Gerardo Rojas).

For more on Los Shains, see under Cara-Lyn, also covered by The Sorrows and (I suspect) also adapted by Gerardo Rojas.

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