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Johnny Farnham - I Don’t Want To Love You (1968)

(Don & Phil Everly)
Australia Australia
#30 Sydney #7 Melbourne #1 Brisbane #1 Adelaide #10 Perth

Double-sided hit with Jamie. The exception was Perth, where I Don't Want To Love You charted alone.

Jamie was an Aussie original written by Hans Poulsen who also wrote Johnny Farnham's 1968 hit Rose Coloured Glasses. See also his Boom Sha La La Lo and Lady Scorpio, both written by Poulsen with Bruce Woodley of The Seekers.

Johnny Farnham: enduring Melbourne pop star whose career took off after his first single, the neo-vaudeville
novelty Sadie The Cleaning Lady, was skilfully publicised and became the best-selling Australian single of the 60s. He had a run of hits into the first half of the 70s, and branched out into TV and stage drama.

In the early 80s, by then known as John Farnham, he had a further hit with a powered-up version of the Beatles' Help, and he fronted the Little River Band for a time. His real career revival came in 1986 with the hugely popular contemporary album Whispering Jack and its three hit singles including the #1 You're The Voice.

Thanks to Frank Calabrese through Rock'n'Roll Scars Group, message #32138, 14 September 2007. The thread also discusses changes to the lyrics in Farnham's version.
Further reading: Milesago's John Farnham page. The official site is at JohnFarnham.com.au. See also JohnFarnham.info.
A note on the charts: Chart positions from Gavin Ryan's Australian chart books. Through
differing statistical methods, I Don't Want To Love You is not listed in either Tom Guest's Melbourne chart book or Top 40 Research's Sydney chart book,

The Everly Brothers - I Don’t Want To Love You (1967)

(Don & Phil Everly)
Original version

Single on Warner Brothers, B-side of Bowling Green, also on The Everly Brothers Sing (1967).

The A-side peaked in the US at #60 Cash Box and #40 Billboard, ending a run of pop hits that had started in 1957 with Bye Bye Love.

The Barry Lee Show - I Don’t Want To Love You (1967)

(Don & Phil Everly)
Influential version

Single on Columbia, one of four in 1967-68 by Norfolk band from Aylsham, previously known as Barry Lee and The Planets, later as The Performing Lees and – without BarryThe Brothers Lee.

Thanks to Noel Forth for spotting this one and its likely influence on the Johnny Farnham version.

Reference: Vernon Joynson, The Tapestry of Delights.
Not to be confused with US band Barry Lee & The Action.

Patsy Fuller - I Don’t Wanna Love You (1968)

(Don & Phil Everly)

Single on Decca subsidiary Parrot, #3017. Produced by David Nicolson.

Ricky Nelson - I Don’t Wanna Love You (1964)

(Barry Mann - Cynthia Weil)
Red herring

Not the same song as "I Don’t Want To Love You" by Johnny Farnham, aka "I Don’t Wanna Love You".

On 1964 album The Very Thought Of You.

Also recorded by Cliff Richard on Cliff Richard (1965).

Dick Haymes With The Victor Young Orchestra - I Don’t Want To Love You (1944)

(Henry Pritchard)
Red herring

Same title but not the same song as "I Don’t Want To Love You" by Johnny Farnham.

The Sutherland Brothers - (I Don’t Want To Love You But) You Got Me Anyway (1973)

(Sutherland Brothers)
Red herring
#35 Sydney #10 Brisbane #30 Adelaide #32 Perth

Not to be confused with "I Don’t Want To Love You" by Johnny Farnham.

First hit by London folk-rockers whose Sailing (1973) became a hit for Rod Stewart in 1975. Later teamed with rock band Quiver, their biggest hit was The Arms Of Mary (1976, #5 UK, #81 USA).

Further reading: Sutherland Brothers overview at All Music Guide