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John Farnham - That’s Freedom (1990)

(Tom Kimmel - Jean Anne Chapman)
Australia Australia
#7 Sydney #2 Melbourne #4 Brisbane #3 Adelaide #9 Perth

On 1990 album Chain Reaction.

Melbourne pop star Johnny Farnham's long career took off after Sadie The Cleaning Lady, his first single, was skilfully publicised and became the best-selling Australian single of the 60s. He had a run of hits into the first half of the 70s, and branched out into TV and stage drama.

In the early 80s, by then known as John Farnham, he had a further hit with a powered-up version of the Beatles' Help, and he fronted the Little River Band for a time. His real career revival came in 1986 with the hugely popular contemporary album Whispering Jack and its three hit singles including the #1 You're The Voice.

Further reading: Milesago's John Farnham page. The official site is at JohnFarnham.com.au.

Tom Kimmel - That’s Freedom (1987)

(Tom Kimmel - Jean Anne Chapman)
Original version
# 64 USA

Single on Mercury, from the 1987 album 5 to 1 by Alabama-born singer-songwriter based in Nashville.

Tom Kimmel's songs have been recorded by several well-known artists, including Joe Cocker (A to Z), Nanci Griffith (Angels, also recorded by John Farnham), The Stray Cats (Elvis On Velvet) and Linda Ronstadt (The Blue Train). John Farnham also recorded Tom Kimmel's Heart's On Fire.

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Thanks to Terry Stacey for initial research.