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Jimmy Hannan - Beach Ball (1963)

(Frank Gari - James Roger McGuinn)
Australia Australia
#3 Sydney #8 Brisbane

Single on the Reg Grundy label, RG-496, through Festival (the label number fits the Festival catalogue sequence). Also released in the US in 1964 on Atlantic #2247.

Co-written by Roger (aka Jim) McGuinn, future member of The Byrds, who performed on the City Surfers’ original version.

Jimmy Hannan

was best known as a television compere and entertainer, seen on numerous programs from the early 60s.

Bee Gees World notes that the backing vocals are by the Bee Gees

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The City Surfers - Beach Ball (1963)

(Frank Gari - James Roger McGuinn)
Original version

Single on Capitol #5002. Studio band with Roger McGuinn (aka Jim, future leader of The Byrds) on guitar, Bobby Darin on drums, and co-writer Frank Gari singing.

Full story at the Byrd Watcher website.

Also on McGuinn’s 1996 album Live From Mars.

More recently it has become available on the Byrd Parts Vol. 2 anthology on Raven, the Australian reissue label.


The Catalinas - Beach Ball (1964)

(Frank Gari - James Roger McGuinn)
Later version

On the album Fun Fun Fun on Ric, #1006, produced by Terry Melcher.

With the participation of Bruce Johnston along with Wrecking Crew session regulars Leon Russell (piano), Hal Blaine (drums) Tom Tedesco, Billy Strange and Jerry Cole (guitars), and Steve Douglas (sax).

Multi-instrumentalist Johnston and producer-singer Melcher teamed up for several singles on Columbia 1963-66 as Bruce & Terry, and they both contributed to The Rip Chords’ hit Little Cobra (1964, #4 USA).

Little Herbie & The Sandabs - Beach Ball (1962)

(Steven Howard [Herb Newman] - Joseph Van Winkle - Fred Darian- Al De Lory)
Red herring

Same title but not the same song as ‘Beach Ball’ by Jimmy Hannan.

Instrumental single on Bamboo label. Herbie was Era Records main man Herb Newman: see (And Her Name Is) Scarlett, also written by Herb Newman using the name Steven Howard.