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Flake - Under The Silent Tree (1971)

(Ray Cane)
Australia Australia
#32 Sydney

Single on Violet’s Holiday label.

Sydney band formed in 1968 that went through several personnel changes and genres, from hard rock to psychedelia to Top 40 pop.

For recent news on Flake’s flautist and saxophonist Dave Allen see his blog Burning Mountain Studio, which links to his pages on Flake history.

Thanks to Mike Robbins for suggestion and source.

Honeybus - Under The Silent Tree (1970)

(Ray Cane)
Original version

On 1970 album Story on Deram label.

Honeybus was a melodic, harmonic band with high production values that never achieved the popularity it deserved. Formed by Pete Dello (born Peter Blumson) and Ray Cane (Raymond Byart), who first played together in Grant Tracey & The Sunsets (see Cry Of The Wild Goose). 

Honeybus had one hit in the UK (1968, #8), the wonderful oboe-enriched I Can't Let Maggie Go. Their song (Do I Figure) In Your Life (1967) is familiar in the version by Joe Cocker. Both of those songs were written by Pete Dello, who left the band during 1968.

See also The SundownersBaby Jane.

Further reading: The official Honeybus site.