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Bobby Cookson - Timber (1962)

(Mapp - Jones - Smith*)
Australia Australia
#29 Melbourne | #68 Australia

* Writing credits: In addition to co-writers Norman Mapp, Ollie Jones and Henry H. Smith, the song’s registration at BMI lists Billy Dawn (aka Billy Dawn Smith, real name William Paul Smith) who co-produced the original version of Timber. (Or – alternative theory – is it Billy on the label, Henry H. the addition at BMI?)

Single on Astor by Melbourne singer and guitarist Bobby Cookson.

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1963 [source]

Cookson was vocalist with The Premiers before going solo on Astor but the band still backed him in the studio and were named on four of his nine singles 1961-65. He charted four times:
Flutter Flutter (1961, #20 Melbourne, #46 Australia)
Timber (1962, #29 Melbourne, #68 Australia, covering a 1960 single by Curtis Carrington)
I Could Have Loved You So Well (1963, #14 Melbourne, #44 Australia, with The Premiers)
Rona (1963, #28 Melbourne, #57 Australia, with The Premiers, written by band member Lee Conway, later a successful country artist).

See also his final single Funny Man.

Cookson possessed a powerful, Roy Orbison-style voice that made him a powerful attraction

Ian McFarlane

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Curtis Carrington - Timber (1960)

(Norman Mapp - Ollie Jones - Henry H. Smith)
Original version

Single on Roulette subsidiary Gee February 1960.

Curtis Carrington (1935-2000), from North Carolina, was a rock’n’roll and gospel singer, a pianist and a songwriter based in New York from the late 1950s. After leaving the music business in 1962 he became a Baptist minister and founded the New Calvary Missionary Baptist Church in Greensboro, NC.

In the late 1960s Rev Carrington established the Greensboro record label Ken-Yatta, which recorded local gospel singers into the 1980s.

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Bobby Darin And The Jaybirds - Timber (1956)

(Bobby Darin - Don Kirshner - George M. Shaw )
Red herring

Same title but not the same song as ‘Timber’ by Bobby Cookson.

Single on Decca March 1956, the first release by future star Bobby Darin.

Darin, Kirshner & Shaw also wrote the follow-up A-side Silly Willy. Darin’s songwriting partnership with Don Kirshner was short-lived but Kirshner became a major operator in the music business as publisher, producer, songwriter and enabler of new talent.

There are hundreds of songs entitled Timber, as this title search at the BMI-ASAC site Songview shows..