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Bobby Cookson - Flutter Flutter (1961)

(Mel Tillis - Johnny Ferguson)
Australia Australia
#20 Melbourne

B-side on Astor by Melbourne singer and guitarist Bobby Cookson.

Cookson was vocalist with The Premiers before going solo on Astor but the band still backed him in the studio and were named on four of his nine singles 1961-65. He charted four times:
Flutter Flutter (1961, #20 Melbourne, #46 Australia)
Timber (1962, #29 Melbourne, #68 Australia, covering a 1960 single by Curtis Carrington)
I Could Have Loved You So Well (1963, #14 Melbourne, #44 Australia, with The Premiers)
Rona (1963, #28 Melbourne, #57 Australia, with The Premiers, written by band member Lee Conway, later a successful country artist).

His last single was on the new Go!! label, Funny Man (1965), the song that was later a hit in Australia for Ross D. Wyllie.

The Premiers also recorded under their own name (Mary Had A Little Lamb, 1963, #37 Melbourne) and backed Betty McQuade, although not at the time of Midnight Bus.

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Further reading: Notes on a 2004 Premiers reunion (without Bobby Cookson) at the Peter Doyle website.

Suggestion from Bruce R. Gillespie.

Johnny Ferguson - Flutter Flutter (1960)

(Mel Tillis - Johnny Ferguson)
Original version

Single on MGM by singer best known for charting earlier in the same year with John D. Loudermilk’s Angela Jones (1960, #27 USA).

Co-written by prolific Nashville singer-songwriter Mel Tillis. As well as recording successfully in his own right, Mel Tillis also wrote, for example, Ruby Don’t Take Your Love To Town (Kenny Rogers & The First Edition 1969) and co-wrote Detroit City (Bobby Bare 1963, Tom Jones 1967).

References: Kees van der Hoeven’s John D. Loudermilk site. Mel Tillis biography at All Music Guide. Mel Tillis repertoire at BMI.