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The Blue Beats - Under The Moon Of Love (1965)

(Tommy Boyce - Curtis Lee)
Australia Australia

Single on Leedon October 1965, the second of two singles by Sydney-based band managed by 2UW deejay John Melouney. The Blue Beats had changed their name when they moved from Melbourne where they were known as The Outcasts .

Neither Blue Beats single was a hit, but the A-side of their first single, She’s Comin’ Home, written by the band’s Wayne Poll, has appeared on a number of retrospective collections including Raven’s Ugly Things Vol. 2, and Festival’s Down Under Nuggets. Its inclusion on a collection like Before Birdmen Flew…Volume Two – Australian Beat, R&B & Punk: 1965-1967 suggests it has some status as a raw 60s R&B classic. ♫ Listen to She’s Comin’ Home at YouTube

She’s Comin’ Home’s B-side, written by Poll with Blue Beats guitarist Mike Gibbons, was entitled Let It Be, almost 5 years before the Beatles release of that name.

Wayne Poll (vocals)
Mike Gibbons aka Mick (guitar), later in Dave Miller Set (1967)
Brian Patterson (guitar), later in Tony Worsley And The Blue Jays (1966)
Barry Dessaux (bass)
John Pasto aka Peters (drums)

Sydney’s most interesting Blue Beats … remembered for the world’s finest version of Summertime Blues and a [1965] support gig for the Rolling Stones

Glenn A. Baker, liner notes to Ugly Things Vol. 2

Multiple Blue Beats:
Blue Beats is a common name for a musical group. The long list of Blue Beats at 45cat.com includes examples from Jamaica, USA, Singapore, Sweden and South Africa, plus a few called Bluebeats.

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Curtis Lee - Under The Moon Of Love (1961)

(Tommy Boyce - Curtis Lee)
Original version
#46 USA | #32 Melbourne #3 Adelaide | #45 Australia #9 NZ

Single on Dunes October 1961 by singer from Arizona. This was an early production by Phil Spector, as was Curtis Lee’s previous and most successful single Pretty Little Angel Eyes (#7 USA, #47 UK, #8 Australia).

The Dunes label was set up by singer Ray Peterson with his manager. Peterson’s own hit Corrina Corrina (1960, #9 USA) was also on Dunes and produced by Spector, following up Peterson’s hit Tell Laura I Love Her (#7 USA) on his previous label RCA.

Co-writer with Curtis Lee is Bobby Hart, later known as one half of singing and writing duo Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart who charted with I Wonder What She’s Doing Tonight (1968, #8 USA) and Alice Long (You’re Still My Favorite Girlfriend) (1968, #27 USA). They worked on The Monkees’ TV series, notably as the composers of (Theme From) The Monkees and Last Train To Clarksville.

See also Opportunity, a Bobby Hart co-composition that was a #1 hit in New Zealand for Mr Lee Grant.

Showaddywaddy - Under The Moon Of Love (1976)

(Tommy Boyce - Curtis Lee)
Later version
#1 UK | #2 Adelaide | #53 Australia

Single on Bell October 1976 by hugely successful British revivalist rock’n’roll group in a similar vein to the US’s Sha Na Na and other retro groups of the era.

Formed in Leicester in 1973, Showaddywaddy had over twenty Top 40 records 1974-1982 including nine in the Top 5. Under The Moon Of Love was their only #1 but they had three others that reached #2.

Further reading: Showaddywaddy biography by Dave Thompson at All Music.