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Sherbet - Crimson Ships (1970)

(Pete Ham - Tom Evans)
Australia Australia

Sherbet's first single, on Festival label.

This is unusual among Sherbet singles in having vocals by Dennis Laughlin, having been recorded before Darryl Braithwaite joined. With Braithwaite as lead singer, the band went on to be one of the most successful Australian pop acts of the 70s.

Further Reading: 1. Wikipedia article on Sherbet. 2. Sherbet history at  Milesago.

Additional information from Terry Stacey.

Badfinger - Crimson Ships (1970)

(Pete Ham - Tom Evans)
Original version

From 1970 album, Magic Christian Music.

Band from Swansea, signed to the Beatles' Apple label when they were The Iveys. Their biggest hits were Paul McCartney's Come And Get It (#4 UK, #7 USA in 1970) and their own composition No Matter What (#5 UK, #8 USA in 1971).

References: 1. Badfinger page at BBC Wales [archived]. 2. Wikipedia article on Badfinger.