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Ray Columbus And The Invaders - She’s A Mod (1964)

(Terry Beale)
New Zealand New Zealand
#1 Sydney #1 Melbourne #2 Brisbane #2 Adelaide #2 Perth

New Zealand band. See full history at Bruce Sergent's New Zealand music site. See also Till We Kissed, The Invaders' biggest New Zealand hit.

In 1981 She's A Mod recharted in Brisbane[#37] and in NZ [#28]. (The first release was too early to make the charts in NZ where charts didn't begin until 1966.)

Further reading: She's A Mod page at New Zealand History Online, adapted from an article by Redmer Yska.

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The Senators - She’s A Mod (1964)

(Terry Beale)
Original version

Single on Dial label.

She’s A Mod was written by The Senators’ lead singer Terry Beale (c.1944-2011).

The Senators were a band from Birmingham whose line-up included future Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham. Band personnel is listed at Brum Beat website.

Further reading: 1999 post by Steve to rec.music.rock-pop-r+b.1960s about song being credited to “Bobby Childs“. See also the entry at The Originals website.
Thanks to Teresa.

Double J And Twice The T [feat. Ray Columbus] - She’s A Mod/Mod Rap (1989)

(Terry Beale [+ ?])
New Zealand New Zealand
Later version
#2 NZ


Record by New Zealand rap duo making use of Ray Columbus’s hit version.

As Robyn Gallagher observed:
They skilfully transformed the song from a pop song about a mod chick, to an ode to their mother, a former mod chick who was bringing her modness to the dinner table. There was also a beat-boxing solo. (Post at Robyn’s Secret Passage, November 2001)

Thanks to Robyn Gallagher.