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Ray Brown & The Whispers - (Ain’t It) Strange (1966)

(J. Stampley - R.C. Stampley - M. Kilgore)
Australia Australia
#22 Sydney #38 Melbourne #30 Brisbane #27 Adelaide

Chart-topping Sydney band that originated in the surf music scene as The Nocturnes. After acquiring Ray Brown as their lead singer, they went on to become one of the most popular Australian bands of the British Invasion era.

Also recorded by Normie Rowe in 1966.

(Ain’t It) Strange is also one of the tracks on Ace Records’ Hot Generation: 1960s Punk from Down Under. [Amazon]

Further reading: Ray Brown history at Milesago.

Disambiguation: 1. This is not Ray Brown, the American jazz bassist (1926-2002). 2. These Whispers are not the American R&B vocal group formed in 1964.

The Uniques - Strange (1966)

(J. Stampley - R.C. Stampley - M. Kilgore)
Original version

Band from Spring Hill, Louisiana, who had regional hits with All These Things and Not Too Long ago.

Songwriters are band members Joe Stampley and Bobby Stampley with singer-songwriter-disc jockey Merle Kilgore, with whom Joe Stampley wrote other songs.

Lead singer Joe Stampley later became a well-known solo country singer: see his entry at AllMusic Guide.

Single on the Paula label.