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Peaches - Substitute (1978)

(Willie Harry Wilson)
Australia Australia
#4 Sydney

Three-piece female band from Sydney, active late-70s.

This is not the 1966 Who hit written by Peter Townshend composition, a different song with the same title (see the Red herring, below).

Clout - Substitute (1977)

(Willie Harry Wilson)
South Africa South Africa
#1 South Africa #52 USA #2 UK #48 Sydney #1 Melbourne #2 Brisbane #1 Adelaide #1 NZ

Clout: five-member South African female group, augmented here by musicians from prog-rock band Circus

Charts: Released late November 1977, charted from early 1978. Also a hit in Europe, for example in Germany, The Netherlands and Switzerland. Released in USA on Epic: #52 Cashbox, #67 Billboard.

Further reading: At SA Rock List: 1.  Classic South African Pop and Rock Songs. 2. Clout discography and commentary. 3. 70s prog-rock band Circus.

The Righteous Brothers - Substitute (1975)

(Willie Harry Wilson)
Original version

Single on Haven label. See label shot at Righteous Brothers Discography. Also on album Sons Of Mrs Righteous.

Haven was owned by Dennis Lambert and Brian Potter:
for more details see Mama’s Little Girl.

Thanks to Peter Richmond at Righteous Brothers Discography.

Percy Faith - Substitute (1975)

(Willie Harry Wilson)
Australia Australia

On CBS album Disco Party, the penultimate album by the prolific conductor, arranger, composer and music director (1908-1976).

See Alan Bunting's comprehensive Percy Faith Discography.

Sylvie Vartan - Solitude (1978)

(Willie Harry Wilson - Jean-Michel Rivat)
France France

French-language version of Willie Harry Wilson’s Substitute.

The Who - Substitute (1966)

(Peter Townshend)
Red herring
#5 UK #4 Sydney #4 Melbourne #3 Brisbane #1 Adelaide #3 NZ

Same title but not the same song as 'Substitute' by Peaches.

Gloria Gaynor - Substitute (1978)

(Willie Harry Wilson)

Single on Polydor.

Some sources wrongly credit Gloria Gaynor producer-songwriters Dino Fekaris & Freddie Perren as writers of this song.

Smashing Time - Substitute (2005)

(Willie Harry Wilson)
Later version

On 2005 album Make Some Noise.

Thanks to Jim for version alert.
Further reading about Smashing Time’s funky Hammond, rocking guitar action, no nonsense harmonica violence and The Hornaphonix brass section at SmashingTime.com.