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Lonnie Lee & The Leemen - Don’t You Know (Pretty Baby) (1962)

(Charlie Rich)
Australia Australia
#23 Adelaide

Label shot by John Pear.

Rock’n’roll star Lonnie Lee, born David Lawrence Rix in western New South Wales in 1940, had his first hit in 1959, Ain’t It So, written with Johnny O’Keefe. With his backing band The Leemen, he followed this with a number of national hits. In Sydney, for example, he charted eight times from 1959 to 1962, notably with I Found A New Love (1960) and John Marascalco’s Starlight Starbright
(1960). Like many early Aussie rockers, he moved on to country music, and remains active to this day. His website is at LonnieLee.com.

Johnny O’Keefe - Don’t You Know (Pretty Baby) (1960)

(John Marascalco - Scott Turnbull)
Australia Australia
Red herring
#29 Sydney #1 Melbourne #33 Brisbane

Same title but not the same song as ‘Don’t You Know (Pretty Baby) by Lonnie Lee.

See: Johnny O’KeefeDon’t You Know (Pretty Baby) for more details.

Label shot by John Pear.

Thanks to John Pear who verified this surprising red herring by checking label credits and listening to both songs.

Charlie Rich - Just A Little Bit Sweet (1962)

(Charlie Rich)
Original version

Single on Phillips International.

This is the same song released by Lonnie Lee as Don’t You Know (Pretty Baby), a title taken from a prominent line in Just A Little Bit Sweet.

Charlie Rich (1932-1995) started out playing jazz and blues, played rock’n’roll with Sun Records in the 50s, and by the 70s was a major country star.

Further reading: Charlie Rich biography at All Music Guide.
Thanks to Tony Watson for identifying the original.