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Johnny Chester With The Thunderbirds - Can Can Ladies (1961)

(Barry De Vorzon)
Australia Australia
#5 Melbourne

Single on W&G September 1961 by Melbourne singer, guitarist and songwriter, backed by popular Melbourne live band The Thunderbirds.

Johnny Chester (b.1941) started out with the Chessmen (originally known as The Jaywoods) in the late 1950s, performing at dances that he organised. He had a number of Top 10 hits in Melbourne, beginning with The Hokey Pokey (May 1961, #8 Melbourne).

He became a disc jockey with Top 40 station 3UZ in 1966 and he has also announced on Radio Australia. After moving into country music, he was Male Vocalist of The Year 1981-83 in the Golden Guitar Awards. He wrote Rebound: The Musical in the early 2000s.

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Barry De Vorzon - The Can-Can Ladies (Down In New Orleans) (1960)

(Barry De Vorzon)
Original version

B-side on Columbia.

Music publishing partners Barry De Vorzon (b.1934) and Billy Sherman founded Valiant Records to release De Vorzon’s production of Shelby Flint’s Angel On My Shoulder (1961, #22 USA, #37 Australia).

Valiant released Barry And The Tamerlanes’ I Wonder What She’s Doing Tonight (1963, #21 USA), written by De Vorzon who was also lead singer. (It is not the 1968 Boyce & Hart song of that name.) The Association’s first hits Along Comes Mary and Cherish (1966) were Valiant releases.

As a composer, De Vorzon contributed to numerous film and TV soundtracks. He and Perry Botkin Jr. wrote Bless The Beasts And Children (1971) from the film of the same name, recorded by The Carpenters. The Grammy-award winning Nadia’s Theme from The Young and the Restless, another Perry Botkin Jr. collaboration, was first written for the Bless The Beasts And Children soundtrack.

The artwork seems to be from a retrospective collection. The title conflates Barry De Vorzon and Barry & The Tamerlanes and I can’t be 100% sure that this is De Vorzon’s original single.
Wonderful memories from Barry De Vorzon about Shelby Flint’s “Angel On My Shoulder” and the formation of Valiant Records.