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Frankie Howson - Seventeen Ain’t Young (1969)

(Jeff Barry)
Australia Australia
#35 Melbourne

Single on Astor, apparently produced by Melbourne disc jockey Stan Rofe, although he is not credited on the label. The B-side was Hide And Seek (Mark BarkanRitchie Adams), a song from the same Archies album that Seventeen Ain't Young appeared on.

Frankie Howson (b.1952): Melbourne singer, actor, dancer, producer, director, songwriter, music publisher, author, poet, playwright, promoter, co-founder of Boulevard FilmsHowson was a child actor-singer-dancer who went on to a long and diverse career in all of the entertainment media in Australia and the US. His biography is difficult to sum up briefly: follow the links below to get a fuller picture.

The 2011 album I Used To Be An Outlaw: The Songs Of Frank Howson includes contributions from a number of distinguished names in music and film. 

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In case you were wondering: According to the Wikipedia article on Howson, his full name is Frank Michael Howson and he is a cousin of John Michael Howson.

The Archies - Seventeen Ain’t Young (1968)

(Jeff Barry)
Original version

Track on the first, self-named album by studio band The Archies. It yielded their first of four charting singles, Bang-Shang-A-Lang (#22 USA).

Music supervisor Don Kirschner and producer Jeff Barry formed The Archies as a fictional band heard on The Archie Show, a Saturday cartoon series based on the Archie comic books.

Barry wrote or co-wrote most of the songs, and session singer Ron Dante was heard on lead vocals, along with (at different times) Jeannie Thomas, Toni Wine or Donna Marie.

Singer-songwriter Andy Kim joined the project and co-wrote The Archies' two biggest hits with Jeff BarrySugar Sugar (1969, #1 USA), and Jingle Jangle (1969, #10).

Reference: Biography of The Archies by Steve Huey at All Music. Follow the links for details of individual personnel.