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Doug Parkinson In Focus - Dear Prudence (1969)

(Lennon - McCartney)
Australia Australia
#9 Sydney #2 Melbourne #2 Brisbane #1 Adelaide #7 Perth

The powerful baritone of Newcastle (NSW)-born Doug Parkinson (1946-2021) became known nationally through his records with In Focus from the end of the 60s.

Earlier, he had fronted Sydney folk-pop band The A Sound (formerly Strings and Things) whose sole single features an almost unrecognisable, lighter Doug Parkinson, but it was with highly regarded Sydney pop band The Questions that his soulful, slightly mannered vocal style came into its own.

In Focus was formed in 1968 with personnel from The Questions and became a popular live band that relocated to Melbourne and had national hits that included Dear Prudence, Without You/Hair and Baby Blue Eyes.

After In Focus, Doug Parkinson sang with bands that included Fanny Adams, a briefly reunited In Focus (1971) and The Southern Star Band. His long-lasting solo career produced charting singles Everlasting Love (1974) and The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Any More (1981). He also appeared in rock musicals and recorded radio and TV jingles.

In the 70s, Doug Parkinson sang on some of the Where No Wrinklies Fly jingles for Melbourne radio station 3AK, and on some of the early jingles for ABC youth station 2JJ (now JJJ).

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The Beatles - Dear Prudence (1968)

(Lennon - McCartney)
Original version

On the album The Beatles, aka The White Album.

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Siouxsie & The Banshees - Dear Prudence (1983)

(Lennon - McCartney)
Later version
#3 UK #37 Sydney #16 Brisbane #18 Adelaide #58 Perth