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Dinah Lee - Let Me In (1965)

(Yvonne Baker)
New Zealand New Zealand
#45 Melbourne

Single on Viking label (NZ) 1964, released in Australia on HMV label.

Powerful, energetic New Zealand singer, known as ‘The Dynamic’ Dinah Lee, born Diane Jacobs in 1943, an admirer of Dee Dee Sharp and Millie Small. Her rocking versions of astutely chosen songs and her cutting-edge mod image made her extremely popular in New Zealand and Australia in the mid-60s. See the full account and appreciation at Milesago.

The Sensations 2 - Let Me In (1962)

(Yvonne Baker)
Original version
#4 USA #43 Sydney #16 Melbourne #12 Brisbane #19 Adelaide #1 Perth

Written by Sensations lead singer Yvonne Baker.

The Osmonds - Let Me In (1973)

(A., M. & W. Osmond)
Red herring
#36 USA #2 UK #42 Sydney #15 Adelaide

Same title but not the same song as “Let Me In” by Dinah Lee.

Rick Derringer - Let Me In (1976)

(Rick Derringer - Cynthia Weil)
Red herring
#86 USA

Same title but not the same song as ‘Let Me In’ by Dinah Lee.

On the album Derringer.

Guitarist with his band The McCoys in the 60s (Hang On Sloopy), later recorded with Johnny and Edgar Winter.