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Dave Miller Set - Someone Is Sure To (1969)

(Ernie Graham)
Australia Australia

B-side on Spin (Australia) July 1969 and on Spin (NZ) October 1969.

Both sides of the single were covers of songs from the same Eire Apparent album.

See the classic A-side Mr Guy Fawkes (#7 Sydney #13 Brisbane) for more on Dave Miller Set, Eire Apparent and the source of both songs.

Eire Apparent - Someone Is Sure To (Want You) (1969)

(Ernie Graham)
Original version

From album Sunrise, released in USA and UK on Buddha Records, produced by Jimi Hendrix with his participation on some tracks.

The songwriter is Belfast-born Eire Apparent guitarist and lead singer Ernie Graham (1946-2001). All tracks on the album were written by band members, alone or in collaboration. Ernie Graham wrote three himself along with two co-writes.

Graham wrote all the songs for his 1971 self-titled album. Personnel on the album included Nick Lowe, Billy Rankin, Brinsley Schwarz and Ian Gomm of the band Brinsley Schwarz, associates of Graham through touring and common management. [Listen: full album as YouTube Playlist]

After a number of bands and projects Ernie Graham eventually left the music business in the 1980s, his career a study in unfulfilled promise, as Bruce Eder puts it.

Essential reading: Ernie Graham biography by Bruce Eder at AllMusic.