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Collette - Ring My Bell (1989)

(Frederick Knight)
Australia Australia
#4 Sydney #5 Melbourne #3 Brisbane #4 Perth #4 NZ

Single on CBS by Dolly magazine cover girl Collette Roberts.

Collette appeared on the 7 Network’s Where Are They Now? in April 2006: she was then working as a make-up artist, and as a volunteer attendant at Taronga Zoo in Sydney.

Anita Ward - Ring My Bell (1979)

(Frederick Knight)
Original version
#1 USA #1 UK #2 Sydney #3 Melbourne #5 Brisbane #5 Adelaide #2 Perth #1 NZ

Disco single on Juana by former gospel singer and substitute teacher from Memphis. Songwriter and producer Frederick Knight rewrote an old song he'd originally intended for Stacy Lattisaw. Knight himself had charted in 1972 with I've Been Lonely So Long (#27 USA). (All Music Guide, as linked.)

See DiscoMuseum for Frederick Knight's account of the origins of the song.

EveryHit.com says Frederick Knight had recorded Ring My Bell himself earlier in 1979, but if so it appears to have been unreleased.

Dj Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - Ring My Bell (1991)

(Frederick Knight)
Later version
#40 Sydney #42 Melbourne #13 NZ

Rappers Jeff Townes and TV and movie star Will Smith.

Monie Love Vs Adeva - Ring My Bell (1991)

(Monie Love - Richie Fermie)
Red herring
#20 UK #40 Sydney #42 Melbourne #44 Adelaide #18 Perth #13 NZ

Same title but not the same song as ‘Ring My Bell’ by Collette.

Monie Love: Rap artist, born Simone Wilson in London.
Adeva: New Jersey-born "House/R&B vocalist" (All Music Guide, as linked).