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Col Joye - Heaven Is My Woman’s Love (1973)

(S. K. Dobbins [Bob Millsap])
Australia Australia
#3 Sydney #3 Melbourne #1 Brisbane #2 Adelaide #1 Perth

Single on ATA label.

Star of the rock'n'roll era in a later country mode.

Col Joye was a pioneering Aussie pop star of the rock'n'roll era (b. Colin Jacobsen, 1937) who in 1957 joined his brother Kevin's jazz band that was to become Col Joye and the Joy Boys. He had ten Top 10 hits in the Sydney charts alone from May 1959 to May 1962, including four #1s, and was a star on television pop show Bandstand. Something of a legend in Australia, his rock'n'roll suit is on display at Sydney's Powerhouse Museum.

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Val Doonican - Heaven Is My Woman’s Love (1973)

(S. K. Dobbins [Bob Millsap])
#34 UK

Single on Philips label.

Easy-going crooner, born in Eire in 1928, popular on British radio and television. See biography at MusicWeb Encyclopaedia of Popular Music. 

Tommy Overstreet - Heaven Is My Woman’s Love (1972)

(S. K. Dobbins [Bob Millsap])
Original version

Single on Dot label, also on 1972 album Heaven Is My Woman's Love.

Tommy Overstreet (b.1939): Oklahoma-born country singer and songwriter, often seen on country TV show Hee Haw, a nephew of crooner recording star Gene Austin. See also Gwen (Congratulations), covered in Australia by Johnny Chester & Jigsaw.

Writer Bob Millsap (1939-2002) worked in several areas of country music including publishing, producing and composing. One of his better-known songs is She's A Rock, recorded for example by Olivia Newton-John and by George Jones.

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Lee Hazlewood - Heaven Is My Woman’s Love (1973)

(S. K. Dobbins [Bob Millsap])

On 1973 album on Capitol label, Poet, Fool Or Bum.

Singer, songwriter, producer, arranger and label owner (1929-2007) whose credits include Sanford Clark's The Fool (wr., pr.), Duane Eddy's Rebel Rouser (pr.), Nancy Sinatra's These Boots Are Made For Walkin' (wr., pr.) and Nancy & Frank Sinatra's Something Stupid (pr.). He also recorded a number of duets with Nancy Sinatra. (

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