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Buddy England - Doll House (1966)

(Lou Duhig - Ruby Berry)
Australia Australia
#26 Melbourne

Single on HMV (Australia).

Buddy England was a regular on The Go!! Show, produced by Melbourne’s new Channel 0 from 1964 and later networked nationally.  Movin’ Man (1967), one of five charting singles in Melbourne, was his biggest national chart success. He later joined The Mixtures for a while from mid-1969, and later in the 70s he replaced Bruce Woodley in The Seekers. He also worked in A&R for Astor Records and ran the Air label.

The King Brothers - Doll House (1961)

(Lou Duhig - Ruby Berry)
#21 UK

Single on Parlophone by British vocal trio and TV entertainers often on the charts 1957-1961 with covers of US hits. One brother, Denis, became a successful TV and film composer.

Further reading: 1. King Brothers page at 45rpm.co.uk. 2. King Brothers and 3. Denis King at Wikipedia. 4. Denis King filmography at IMDb (he wrote the excellent theme for Lovejoy).

Donnie Brooks - Doll House (1960)

(Lou Duhig - Ruby Berry)
Original version
#31 USA #9 Sydney #3 Melbourne #16 Brisbane #9 Adelaide #1 Perth

One of two Billboard hits on the Era label by Californian  singer (1939-2007) who was born John Dee Abohosh but had adopted his stepfather's surname Faircloth. 

Before a final name change to Donnie Brooks and a hit with Mission Bell (1960, #7 USA), he had recorded on various labels as Johnny Faire, Dick Bush and Johnny Jordan. In the Los Angeles music scene at this time his associates included Johnny and Dorsey Burnette, and another young hopeful who also recorded under a number of names, James Marcus Smith, the future P.J. Proby.

Mission Bell was later known in Australia through P.J. Proby's rearranged 1965 version (full story at my blog).

Doll House charted in the US in December 1960; the composition was registered at US Copyright Office in July 1960.

References, further reading: Donnie Brooks biographies at All Music and Wikipedia.

Jimmy Duncan - Doll House (1959)

(J.O. [Jimmy] Duncan)
Red herring

Same title but not the same song as "Doll House" by Buddy England.

Single on Back Beat by James Ollie Duncan Jr (1927-2011), the writer of My Special Angel. See label shot at Rockin’ Country Style.

Further reading: 1. Houston Chronicle obituary 2. Jimmy Duncan at Wikipedia.