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Anne Hawker - Timothy (1968)

(Kobus 'Dopper' Erasmus)
Australia Australia
#6 Melbourne

Single on Astor by Melbourne singer whose biggest chart success was with Cinderella Rockefella (1968), a duet with her husband, the orchestra leader and arranger Johnny Hawker.

Thanks to David Johnston for suggestion.

Four Jacks & A Jill - Timothy (1967)

(Kobus 'Dopper' Erasmus)
South Africa South Africa
#1 South Africa #4 NZ

Single on Columbia (SA) by South African group that later had an international hit with Master Jack (1968, #18 USA). Timothy charted in NZ in 1968, after Master Jack.

This version of Timothy was the #12 South African hit for 1967.

Further reading: 1. Official site at 4jacksandajill.co.za. 2. Four Jacks And A Jill biography by Andrew Hamilton at All Music.

Carike Keuzenkamp - Timothy (1967)

(Kobus 'Dopper' Erasmus)
South Africa South Africa
Original version
#1 South Africa

Single on Columbia (SA) by Netherlands-born South African singer and pioneering SA children's TV presenter Carike Keuzencamp (b.1947). She sings Timothy in the 1968 film Professor en die prikkelpop (The Professor and the Beauty Queen), written and directed by Jamie Uys, later famous for The Gods Must Be Crazy (1980).

This version of Timothy was the #14 South African hit for 1967.

The writer, full name Jacobus Cornelius Erasmus, is familiarly known as 'Dopper' Erasmus.

Further reading: Carike Keuzencamp at Discogs.com.

Skeeter Davis - Timothy (1968)

(Kobus 'Dopper' Erasmus)

Single on RCA. Country singer Skeeter Davis (1931-2004) also found success on the pop charts, notably with The End Of The World (1963, #2 USA) and the Goffin-King composition I Can’t Stay Mad At You (1963, #7 USA).

Further reading: Skeeter Davis biography at All Music.

The Buoys - Timothy (1970)

(Rupert Holmes)
Red herring
#17 USA


Single on Scepter by band from Wilkes-Barre, PA, released in 1970, charted in 1971, also issued with revised lyrics. It appeared on their self-titled album (1971).

As a solo artist, composer Rupert Holmes later had hits with Escape (The Pina Colada Song) (1979, #1 USA) and Him (1980, #6 USA). His skills include arranging and producing, and writing Broadway productions.

It's a classic death pop number, the sprightly tale of three miners trapped by a cave-in who turn to cannibalism for survival during their ordeal. Despite the gruesome theme, "Timothy" has a hooky chorus and a production rich with brass and strings…
     – Fred Beldin, album review at All Music.

Thanks to Tim Campbell for red herring alert.