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Allison Durbin - I Have Loved Me A Man (1968)

(Janice Weaver)
New Zealand New Zealand
#1 New Zealand

First of five NZ charting singles by New Zealand singer (b.1950), working mainly in Australia – with great success – from the mid-'60s. I Have Loved Me A Man was recorded back in New Zealand for HMV after returning from her first sojourn in Australia.

Further reading: 1. Allison Durbin at Bruce Sergent's NZ music website. 2. Allison Durbin at Wikipedia. 3. Peter Jones credits at Discogs.com.

See also: Don't Come Any Closer (1968), Put Your Hand In The Man (1971), Amerikan Music (1972), and her duet with Australian pop star Johnny Farnham on Baby Without You (1971).

Morgana King - I Have Loved Me A Man (1967)

(Janice Weaver)
Original version
#31 Sydney #5 Melbourne #11 Brisbane #1 Adelaide #20 Canberra

Single on Reprise, from the album Gemini Changes, by highly regarded jazz singer with classical training (b.1930, New York, Maria Grazia Morgana Messina). She performed extensively in theatres and clubs over several decades and recorded over 30 albums. She has also acted, for example as Mama Corleone in The Godfather and The Godfather: Part II.

I Have Loved Me A Man is a familiar oldie in Australia but it wasn't a hit in the US or (as far as I can see) anywhere else. It's possible that the Australian hit was the only charting single – anywhere – in the career of Morgana King, whose discography consists mainly of albums.

Janice Weaver, who wrote the song, now works in marketing in Austin TX. She lists I Have Loved Me A Man on her LinkedIn profile.

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Thanks to Terry Stacey for Canberra chart position.