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Aesops Fables - Little Yellow Pills (1971)

(Jackie Lomax)
Australia Australia

The label on the single drops the apostrophe in “Aesop’s”.

Single on Generation by versatile Sydney pop band of experienced musicians, several of whom went on to productive careers, including keyboardist Gary Moberley, drummer Russell Dunlop, and guitarist Les Stacpool. Aesop’s Fables were popular around Sydney venues, and came second in 1969’s national Battle of the Sounds, but this was their only record.

Formed in 1968, a re-formed line-up for a few months in 1970 included bluesy vocalist Brenda Glover (later known for a solo career as Brenda Kristen), and legendary NZ guitarist Charlie Tumahai joined for the band’s final months.

Aesop’s Fables was one of a number of polished harmony-pop bands that worked in and around Sydney in the late Sixties. Other similar acts included The Executives, The New Dream, The Affair and The Clik and all were strongly influenced by the softer and more ‘sophisticated’ sounds of groups like The 5th Dimension.
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Further reading: Milesago’s Aesop’s Fables page gives many details (more than I can squeeze in here) of band members’ work before and after the band.

Jackie Lomax - Little Yellow Pills (1969)

(Jackie Lomax)
Original version

On Is This What You Want?, debut album on Apple.

Before being signed as a solo artist for the Beatles’ new Apple label, guitarist and singer-songwriter Jackie Lomax (1944-2013) had been in Liverpool band The Undertakers, then in The Lomax Alliance (formed in New York as The Lost Souls).

His single of George Harrison’s Sour Milk Sea, with George producing and the participation of Ringo Starr and Eric Clapton, was among the first batch of singles released on the label in August 1968 (catalogue no. Apple 3 in the UK). It was followed by Is This What You Want? in March 1969.

See also You Better Get Going Now, another Jackie Lomax song, recorded in Australia by Zoot.

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