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Marcie & The Cookies - I Would If I Could (1968)

(Johnny Madara - Dave White - Ray Gilmore)
Australia Australia
#28 Melbourne #2 Brisbane

Single on Columbia, B-side of All Or Nothing. In Brisbane, this was a double-sided hit.

Marcie & The Cookies were a popular vocal group, often on TV and on tour at home and abroad. They were Marcie Jones with sisters Margaret, Beverley and Wendy Cook.

Marcie & The Cookies are heard on Russell Morris's classic hit The Real Thing.

See also Marcie JonesArmed And Extremely Dangerous (1973).

Further reading: 1. Marcie & The Cookies at Wikipedia. 2. MarcieJones.com 3. Marcie Jones page at entertainOZ.  

Suggestion from Mike Anderson. Thanks to Terry Stacey.

The Sweet Three - I Would If I Could (1967)

(Johnny Madara - Dave White - Ray Gilmore)
Original version

B-side on Cameo, Philadelphia, produced by Johnny Madara, Dave White and Leon Huff, arranged by Joe Renzetti.

Written by the team that wrote Johnny Farnham's 1968 hit Sadie The Cleaning Lady. Madara and White also wrote Ray Brown's hit Pride (1965).

Madara, White and Gilmore were all members of The Spokesmen, the group that recorded Dawn Of Correction (1965), an answer to Barry McGuire's Eve Of Destruction.

See That Philly Sound for more on Johnny Madara, Dave White, Leon Huff and Joe Renzetti.